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Reiki Sending to the Essence

This is not a topic we always cover in Reiki 2 class, but it is an awesome sending technique for those who are developing their intuitive sense, or who simply want to bliss out!

The ‘essence’ of a person is tapping into their highest or truest self, or essence.  If you decide to try sending to ‘the Essence of Mikao Usui’ for example, you will tap into the essence of Reiki, his vital source, his special ‘flavour’, but not to his ordinary everyday issues and ‘human-ess’ – pretty cool right?

Over the years I have sent to any guru, teacher, ascended master, or angel I have felt drawn to at the time.  There is a special vibration they each hold, and every send is different.  Some come as very gentle vibrations, very subtle and supportive.  Other masters come through as extreme love and compassion.  Others are strong, vital, creative.  Each one is a wonderful experience and a time to meditate on their strength, and to feel my own connection with whatever vibration comes through.

For those of you beginning to explore healing with angels or guides, sending to the ‘Essence of my Healing Guide’ or the essence of the Angel you are currently working with, will help you to connect with their vibration so that when you do your healing work you can recognise when they come to help you.

For example, I don’t work with particular Angels, but I started feeling they were around, and I wanted to know who I was connecting with.  I always think its nice to thank them by name 😉  So I spent some time sending to the main Archangels, and I was amazed at how different each send felt.  Now I can easily recognise which angel is present when I do my healing work, and I find it very gratifying and humbling to be more deeply connected with them.

photo credit: Charos Pix Periodic table via photopin (license)


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