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Reiki Rule 9 – Trust your Intuition

Our intuition is so much apart of us, it even has its own Chakra!  The third eye for most of us has been ignored, bullied, and suppressed for years.  It takes awhile to trust something that you have come to look at with suspicion, but trust it you should.

You need to know something: you are intuitive. Everyone is intuitive. You may not be used to noticing the intuitive messages that your body and mind are sending you, but they have always been there. Are you making it up? Yes, in a way: nobody else is giving you this information, it’s coming from you, from that intuitive part of you that generates such messages and insights, or that ‘inner knowing’. Taggart

The amount of times people tell me in class ‘it could be my imagination?’  as if their imagination is some kind of falsifying, subversive agent out to ‘get’ them!  I agree that an unchecked imagination can spiral us into all kinds of unrealistic or unhealthy outlooks, but when it comes to Reiki, if your imagination is telling you to move your hands, or your imagination is telling you there is tingling, so what?  Would it be so bad to accept it at face value?

When practitioners start hearing their intuition again it can be hard to distinguish between fantasy imagination and true intuition, they really are from the same space but with a different origin.  Your own experience will be different from mine, and your source point may feel different too.  For me when I have an intuitive sense it seems to ‘pop’ or ‘form’ out of nowhere, it is more like a ‘knowing’ than a ‘thinking’.  When it is my imagination it feels like it originates from my mind.  I know it is not always easy to differentiate, and in the beginning it is all muddled as the mind leaps in immediately to negate or promote, getting its sticky beak in where its not needed 😉

So simply be with the insight, the feeling, the sensation, the image.  There is no need to prove or disprove it, if your hands feel like staying longer, let them.  If your hands want to go to the knees, let them.  Allow your intuition to work with the Reiki and it will empower your treatment.  Over time you will begin to trust again, the voice will get louder, and it will get clearer.

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So over to you!  Have you become more intuitive since you started Reiki?  Share your stories in the comments below!


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