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Reiki Rule 6 – Don’t try too hard

I love Taggart’s article this week and its an awareness that is also a life lesson, as they all are!  But this seems to speak to me more due to the counter-intuitive nature of the process.  All our lives we are taught to ‘try harder’ but really, as Taggart points out so well, it is in the releasing of the trying that allows the process to happen most effectively:

“Reiki is rather like a flowing stream and we’re rather like a rough rock sitting in that stream. The rock will become smooth over time but we can’t force the river: the river flows at its own pace, it achieves its goals at its own speed and in its own way, and we accept the journey, allowing the water to flow consistently, doing what it needs to do to mold us into what we’re becoming a tiny bit more each day.”  Taggart

So often Reiki practitioners will try to ‘make’ changes happen, try to smooth themselves out before the flow has even begun to take effect, expecting Reiki to ‘cure’ them within weeks or months (or even days!).  Of course this can only result in disappointment and disillusionment.  People with these high expectations will feel they are failing, or that the Reiki is not working, and they drop their practice even before they have really begun.  This is a great rule for reminding people the enjoyment is in the moment, the end result happens in its own time.

We are all treading our own unique path, and comparing ourselves to others is a guaranteed path to misery!

“….we might read about the experiences of other people when they do Reiki, when they self-treat, when they treat other people, when they receive attunements or empowerments. These people might experience particular things, see colours, have a particular sensation or a strong reaction and we might not be experiencing these things at the moment. We think to ourselves, “I’m not doing it properly, I need to focus more, I need to do this better, I need to try harder to get it just right”. Well, no you don’t. We all have our own individual experiences when using Reiki. There are some people who see colours who wish they could feel tingling in their hands more. There are people whose hands fizz like crazy who wish they could see colours, and there are people who have very few sensations or experiences who wish they could experience something more than they currently are. And things aren’t set in stone, so what we experience now when using Reiki isn’t representative of what we will notice as the energy flows.”  Taggart

Letting go of your expectation is really symbolic of embracing and trusting the Universe, by allowing yourself to be open to simply doing your Reiki, allowing your hands to flow with Reiki, allowing your body to absorb what it needs, when it needs it.  All these simple little meditations amount to a huge shift in letting go of the ‘how’ of it.  By stopping the efforting, you are teaching yourself an enormous lesson in trust, in going with the flow.

See Taggart’s original article here.

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