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Reiki Rule 5 – Commitment is the key

I would say that your commitment to yourself and to your growth is possibly the number one indicator of how much you use Reiki.  Once you begin your practice you will be amazed at how supported you feel through the use of daily Reiki self-treatments.   You’ll also be surprised at how self-sabotaging you are, and I would pay particular attention to how the ego tries to distract you, almost knowing that regular self-treatments will be its demise – watch how the mind tries to confuse and diminish you!  “No need practice today”, “too busy to practise today”, “to tired to practise today” – that is hilarious!  Too tired to do the one thing that will energise you?  Now that’s blatant self-sabotage if ever I heard it!

The ego understands that the more you love yourself, the less control it will have.  Your commitment to your truth, your inner peace, and your growth is in direct proportion to your desire to practise Reiki.  So the key to breaking the control your ego has on your life is to begin with a clear and unbreakable commitment to yourself.  I tell my students to begin with a 30 day promise, based on the scientific fact that it takes 30 days to change a habit.  Over those 30 days you promise yourself you will do something with your Reiki, whether it is an entire hour, or half an hour doesn’t matter, it is the regular and sustained commitment to nurturing yourself that is key here.  But please, don’t kid yourself that 10 minutes is enough.  If you are not able to set aside 30 minutes to nurture the very body that hosts you, something has gone askew in your life.  Change and transformation takes time, it is not a magic pill. You need to work consistently and regularly on yourself.  Personally, after 20 years of self-Reiki, I have yet felt the indication that I ‘don’t need it’ anymore.

Self-Reiki is a lifestyle change, it is something to incorporate into your life like exercise or eating well.  It is your daily hug and appreciation of yourself, it is your daily honouring of your body, your spirit, your mind.  You are setting yourself up for a lifetime of self-care.  It may seem a hard beginning, difficult to fit yet one more thing in your busy schedule, but it will be one life change that as months and years pass you will be utterly grateful for – it will truly transform your life in ways you cannot even begin to imagine in the beginning.

“And once you have established your routine with Reiki it’ll seem strange when you aren’t doing your daily self-treatment or energy exercises, or distant healing. It doesn’t take very long before your routine can just become part of who you are and it’ll be difficult to avoid using your Reiki in some way. So how do we commit? How do we make that decision, that final decision that cuts away all other possibilities? Well I don’t think you need to make such a decision. You just need to focus on today, and do something with your Reiki today, and that’s all. And when the next day arrives, you repeat the process, doing something with your Reiki today. One day at a time.”  Taggart

I like this idea ‘just for today’.  It is such a powerful phrase and keeps us present, and keeps our tasks manageable – we don’t have to think about how we are going to do this for the rest of our lives.  Just for today, when can I do my Reiki?  Soon enough it becomes part of your life, after 30 days you will see so many positive changes that it will seem crazy not to self-Reiki.

The important thing to remember is that Reiki really is a transformative self-treatment, but like all transformative acts, it takes time and commitment.  The commitment comes down to your own self-worth, and whether you have had enough of the stress, the struggle, and the inner battle.  It comes down to how much you want inner peace, and whether or not you are ready to commit to yourself; to begin loving yourself again.

See Taggart’s original article here.

Leave us a comment below and tell us where your commitment has taken you, or share with us what has hindered or distracted you from your commitment to yourself.


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