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Reiki is a Spiritual Journey

For those of us who see Reiki as a sacred spiritual journey it is bamboozling, saddening, and slightly frustrating when you have interactions with people who see Reiki as either a certificate to gain, or an add on or extra. I try not to get all riled up, and usually fail, I imagine it must be like the devote priest who only sees people at weddings or Christmas. People want the blessings but not the commitment, we want the temporary relief, but not the long term depth. Its a funny thing.

My teacher said that Reiki was a path to enlightenment. I didn’t realise then what a profound gift this teaching was, I simply accepted what he said and I assumed that with enough practice, I would enlighten. Along the way I have found that what I thought enlightenment was (big fireworks of bliss on a cloud of angelic music), and what it actually is (knowing my true nature), is very different. But the fact remains, Reiki is a spiritual journey, should you choose to take it. In my lineage this is central to our teaching, Reiki teachers are attracted to this lineage because of its sacred spirituality.

This spirituality has nothing to do with rules, regulations or philosophical structures, but more to do with your true spirit. We each know we have an essence, a part of us that is unchanging as we age. If you remember back to your earliest memories, was your essence not identical to what it is now? We may get older, have experiences, change opinions, but our essence never changes. This is the spirit I am talking about. The spiritual journey is simply traveling back to our essence, and bringing it to the forefront rather than keeping it hidden in the background.

When we Reiki ourselves, or others, we see this essence. We come face to face with it, naturally and easily – it simply becomes more obvious and present. In my teaching I was told to pay attention to this. Yes we talked about pain relief, healing illness and discomfort, stress and emotional turmoil, but first and foremost we focus on the truth of our being.

Where is your focus? Are you seeing Reiki as a band aid, pain killer, stress remedy? Or are you looking for your essence? It’s there, in your practice, right under your nose. Next time you do your Reiki self-healing notice the quiet part of you that is always there, the same essence from your childhood, always present, always with you, eternal. Don’t try to do anything with it, just commune, rest, abide.

If you happen to get rid of your headache in the meantime then good for you! But be mindful, your self-practice is a sacred communion with the Divine, have you noticed?


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