Reiki in the time of coronavirus COVID-19

Reiki helps to strengthen our immune system, create more peace and calm in our lives, and keep us steady in times of turmoil. It would seem Reiki is very much needed in times like these. But how to continue teaching and meeting in our communities and be mindful of our responsibilities as well?

Personally, I am rather flummoxed by the mass media hysteria, but I do appreciate the worldwide attempts to at least try to stem the flood of infection. Perhaps in the long term it also helps to stem the flood of common colds and other flu viruses that claim an estimated 290,000-650,000 lives globally per year (WHO). The simple process of washing our hands more frequently, coughing into a tissue and disposing of it immediately, and staying home when we feel ill could have an immeasurable impact on many other contagious illnesses. The knock on effect will be interesting for sure.

As for the immediate impact on our Reiki gatherings, it may be a turning point for online Reiki gatherings and classes. My online classes and healing sessions have seen higher registrations in the past month, as have my online Reiju gatherings. People are now looking for online alternatives and I'll be making suggestions for those of you who want to set up online alternatives in future articles.

For the context of this article I'd like to explore ways to keep our face to face communities going, whilst doing our best to minimise any contagion. Along the way it is also an opportunity to up your professional game, and tidy up sloppy habits.