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Reiki Experiments – Apples

In my Children’s Reiki class I challenged the kids to do their own Reiki experiment.  Each child is given an apple and told to cut it in half.  Each half is placed in similar sterilised containers – either glass jars or plastic containers.  One container is to be given about 1 minute of Reiki a day, the other is left as the control.  Here are some results!

Dalsten’s Apple:

This is after a few weeks, again the difference in mold growth is quite significant.

Matias’ Apple: Matias writes – “I reikied my apple.  As you can see one is less rotten.”

Ivor’s Apple:

The above photo is after 2 weeks, then Ivor and his family go on holiday for 2 weeks and look what they find when they get back!  Now that’s what I call a significant difference ;-)….

Zara’s Apple:

Now for something completely different!

Interestingly, for the results below I bought organic apples as some of the previous classes the kids spent weeks waiting for results – I worry about what they spray apples with, the last batch I bought refused to decompose after a month!  This time I bought organic and obviously they were a bit past their sell by date 😉

I am so happy with this result, as it goes against what is ‘expected’.  The kids were a little disappointed with the results as they were expecting the Reiki apples to preserve like the others above.  But the nature of fruit is to decay, releasing the seeds to the earth to start the cycle anew.  These apples past their prime and already moving towards the downwards cycle of decay.  Reiki enhances the natural balance of things – it never works artificially against nature.  What is meant to be will be.  Reiki uncovers and unmasks what is already there.  What is important to note is there is a significant difference between the two, again showing that Reiki is not of the ‘imagination’.

Harry’s Apple:

Gregory’s apple:


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