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Reiki Case Studies with Post-Surgery Recovery

Here are some stories on how Reiki helped support and accelerate post-surgery recovery.

“I had an intensive shoulder surgery and after about 2 months of weekly Reiki sessions, I have full range of motion and virtually no pain.  Prior to surgery and just after, I was in significant pain and could barely move my arm/shoulder.  Reiki was amazing!  In one treatment, I could feel the scar tissue break up!” Cindy L, America

“My late husband was in the hospital after having surgery to remove several of his toes.  His prognosis wasn’t good.  There was a possibility of having to amputate his foot and/or lower leg.  I arranged with several Reiki colleagues to meet me in his ICU room and we gave him an intensive group session.  His foot began healing immediately with a reduction in the swelling and redness.  What doctors were anticipating to be a long hospital stay with more surgery turned into a short stay of only 5 days with no more surgery.” Anon, America

“My father had a femoral bipass, which meant he had a surgical cut from groin to ankle.  After receiving Reiki for multiple days in half-hour intervals, he says his leg felt significantly better.  Considering that he is a Type I diabetic who’s had multiple surgeries, he also felt that he healed from this surgery more quickly and less painfully than others.  He and my mother both continue to ask me for Reiki to this day.” April

“I healed much faster than the doctors expected from an appendix operation. I was told I would be hospitalized for 5 days, and was released after 22 hours.” KSW


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