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Reiki Case Studies with Pain Management

Below are some case studies on how Reiki has been used for pain management in various situations.  These first hand accounts were kindly shared as part of the Research report on Reiki compiled by the Reiki Centre in 2010.

“One Christmas, a woman I know asked me to treat her knees which were very painful because of an operation and Baker’s cyst. I was not aware of it, but she told me that a year earlier, when I had held her knees for half an hour (we were actually in a restaurant), the pain had just disappeared. She had thought of me the following months, but was hesitant to ask for help once more. However, this Christmas the pain become so unbearable, that she finally phoned me. During the hour I treated her knees again, she felt both cold and warm. She told me later that I “saved” her Christmas, she didn’t have to use her sticks for a week or two afterwards. Normally she is dependent of these.”  Inger, Norway

“I used Reiki to relieve the pain of a woman with lung cancer — she reported 10-14 days pain relief with each treatment, allowing her to spend those days with her family as she prepared for her transition.” Beth, USA

“A very ill friend was in terrible pain from a brain haemorrhage.  She did not believe in Reiki but in desperation asked me to try.  It held the pain at bay for periods of an hour, during which time she managed to sleep.  After that she used to say “do that thing you do with your hands, it helps me”  She couldn’t say Reiki but it didn’t matter, the Reiki worked anyway.” Heather

“My neighbour has chronic shoulder pain and needs cortisone shots once in a while to manage the pain. She can’t sleep and has difficulties lifting heavy things. I give her Reiki sometimes and she is more calm and relaxed after an hour session. She tells me that she sleeps the whole night through without once being woken up by pain in her shoulder. She has a good nights sleep and wakes up feeling more ‘lifted’ in her spirits.” Heidi, Norway

“I had arthritis, and before Reiki I was having trouble walking with my extremely sore and stiff hips.  I couldn’t exercise, which was awful as I am an active person.  Now after Reiki self treatments this has entirely disappeared.  I am amazed at how Reiki , over a matter of about two weeks of concentrated (twice daily) self treatment, completely resolved the issue I had with my hips.  I am now able to do yoga, walk, run and ride again, when I used to have difficulties  getting up and down out of a chair.”  Jane, UK


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