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Reiki Case Studies with Immunity

When we do our self-Reiki, many of us find that with time, there are less visits to the doctor than before. Here are some case studies on how Reiki self-treatments had helped Reiki practitioners boost their immunity.

“I get sick very rarely now – previous to Reiki, I get flu quite regularly, and each time it is quite severe.” Paul Chin, Malaysia

“I can maintain my health tremendously much better, as well as the health of my pets and family members and friends – and I feel even better after treating them than I did before!  I also used to have sinus infections on a pretty much monthly basis as a result of severe allergies to pollen, dust, mold, mites, grasses, trees, cats, etc.  That meant taking almost constant antibiotics, which had a terrible effect on my gastrointestinal system’s helpful bacteria.  Since treating myself regularly with Reiki, I very rarely get a sinus infection – maybe once a year, and that’s usually when I get too busy to keep up with my self-treatment routine. Consequently, I have fewer doctor visits, vet visits, prescriptions, and general medical costs, so Reiki training was a great investment!” Leslie Britt, America

“When I do feel unwell, any symptoms that I have experienced dissipate at a fast rate. Colds and flu, if they do show at all, take only a few days to go. Severe backache is overcome by rest and by giving myself more self treatments” Marianne Rink, Australia


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