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Reiki Case Studies with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Below are some case studies on how Reiki has helped fibromyalgia patients manage this disease.  These first hand accounts were kindly shared as part of the Research report on Reiki compiled by the Reiki Centre in 2010.

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a decade ago and, as the symptoms progressed, my world became smaller and smaller, to the point where I rarely left the house and was unable to do many of the activities I enjoyed.  I both use and receive many health modalities, but Reiki is the only modality that significantly relieves Fibromyalgia symptoms, and once I began doing self-Reiki daily, the effects lasted longer.  Now I’m mobile and embracing life instead of simply enduring day to day.  These days, I’m walking and playing with the dog, shoveling snow, starting up my holistic therapies business and generally doing what I want when I want.” Victoria, Canada

“Through diet and supplements and life changes I have my fibromyalgia well under control. Reiki has enabled me to say that I have beaten this disease. I may still have fatigue issues occasionally, but I no longer have muscle pain.”  Diane, Australia

“I had been struggling with fibromyalgia and over all debilitating sadness.  I had been taking significant amounts of prescription pain and depression medications for about 15 years.  I started my recovery with crystal therapy and moved into Reiki.  Now I am 100% prescription free and about 98% less OTC.  I have very few and far between fibromyalgia symptoms and depression is significantly better, but still comes occasionally.” D.N, USA

“A client who suffers from fibromyalgia came to me to be treated with Reiki in the hope of alleviating her pain. After an hour she got up off my couch, and for the first time in many years, felt no pain. After she had learnt Reiki herself, she did 1 hour self treatments which helped take her pain away for about 2 hours each time. She said, ‘Now I am back on the sunny side of life.’” Kornelia, Germany


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