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Reiki Case Studies with Anxiety and Depression

Below are some case studies on how Reiki has helped with anxiety and depression.

“Reiki has helped me with my anxiety and severe depression. My mind is much calmer, the mental chatter is significantly reduced overall. I am more confident now, and feel more grounded , centred and integrated than I did before the journey, and my healing continues.” Emma Sims, UK

“A student of mine suffered from chronic depression. With the assistance of Reiki she is now leading a much more balanced life, and is now holding meditation groups for people suffering from that debilitating illness.” Janice Haugen, Australia

“I was regularly suffering from anxiety for over 10 years, with a ball of anxiety in my stomach and the intense anxiety waking me up in the night. When I received my attunements to Reiki I, the anxiety I was feeling in my stomach simply disappeared. Since then, I can eat without feeling pain, I can breathe deeply, I do not feel fear anymore, and the quality of my sleep has improved dramatically.” Anon


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