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Reiki and Pregnancy

By Penelope Quest

Reiki is a safe and gentle energy, so there should be no problems in giving a pregnant woman a treatment, especially in the later months of pregnancy, as this can help to relax the expectant mother, and can also help to limit the discomforts associated with the later stages, such as back ache.  However, it may be sensible in the first trimester to just give a short treatment, such as the hand positions on the head and shoulders.  Miscarriage is more likely in the first three months than at any other time during pregnancy, and although it is extremely unlikely that Reiki could have anything to do with that, it could be difficult for a practitioner if the client blamed him or her if they experienced a miscarriage shortly after a treatment.  Also, do remember that there are a number of aromatherapy oils which can be risky for pregnant women, especially juniper and myrrh, so it is best not to burn any oils in the treatment room when treating any woman of child-bearing age.

Is it safe to attune a pregnant woman to Reiki?

My personal view is that, as Reiki can do no harm, it is perfectly acceptable to attune someone who is pregnant, as this means the expectant mother can then give herself and her baby Reiki, both before, during and after the birth. I have attuned a number of expectant mothers over the years, and they have all found it beneficial.  During the attunement itself, sometimes the baby becomes very lively, kicking its mother, whilst at other times the baby seems to be relaxed and calm.

If a pregnant woman is attuned to Reiki, is her baby also attuned?

To be honest I don’t think anyone knows the definitive answer to this! However, I believe that “everything is as it should be”, so from that perspective, I don’t think the attunement would take place at all (ie something unexpected might prevent it) if it was not also for the baby’s advantage – and if the baby was also attuned, then the child would probably grow up with natural healing ability. Unfortunately none of the pregnant women I have attuned have contacted me some years later to let me know if this is the case!

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Penelope Quest is a Reiki Master based in the UK, and has been teaching workshops on healing, personal growth and spiritual development for nearly twenty years. She is also the author of a number of best-selling books, including “Reiki for Life”, “The Reiki Manual”, “Self-Healing with Reiki” and “Living the Reiki Way”.

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