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Reiki 2 – lots of questions! Is this right?

When you complete your Level 2 training and start discussing techniques with friends who have trained with other teachers, it can get very confusing!

There are many many MANY! different ways level 2 is taught so there are really no ‘rights and wrongs’ just different ways of doing things – over the years I love to experiment with what others tell me and then settle for what I like best – that’s really what I always recommend, experiment and then come to your own conclusions. Here’s a selection of the varied and wonderful questions that people ask…add your own to the comments!

Q. A friend of mine got her Reiki degree 1 and 2 in Holland. We met to discuss about Reiki, and whether we could learn from each other. She learned some things differently (15 years ago) For example: she learned she had to whisper or think the symbols and not only visualize them. I would like to know whether you think it is necessary to mention the symbols by name when you visualize them to use them.

A. Over the years emphasis has been placed on different aspects of the symbols – it seems to swing from the symbol itself being important, to the name, to both, and then back again 😉  Experiment, see if it makes a difference to you – that’s the only way you can tell if its true for you or not.  Personally I tend to say the symbol as I draw it as it helps me state my intention and I do feel a stronger resonance – but I only started doing that after level 3 as this does then become an important part of the ritual.

Q. My friend learned to blow the symbols off? We rub or wash our hands right?

A. Blowing the symbol?  Why not?  Try it and see if you like it!  Otherwise anything symbolic as we talked about in class – brushing, washing, flicking – all work 🙂 The key thing with ending a session when treating others is to ‘disconnect’ and this can take any form that works for you. Many people simply gassho their thanks at the end and this works for them, whilst others prefer to wash their hands or even take a full body shower.

Q. Why can Reiki Level 2 drain me if I don’t do enough self Reiki but do it on others?

A. Remember that Reiki never drains – but visualising lots of symbols, and sending to others requires our own energy – the energy is used when you are using your brain to hold the intention and the visualization, and also you expend energy holding the connection with the person when you are sending – you may have noticed this yourself?  So if you are doing a lot of external focus and no internal replenishment, you will find it draining. Reiki is never draining – its just how we use it that can be.


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