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Rabbit Reiki Reiju!

After a few months off it was lovely to meet once again in our monthly online community. We discussed a more expansive way to bring Reiki as a more permanent support system rather than 'doing' Reiki as a technique. Activate and expand Reiki to be a constant companion in your daily life. After all it is universal life force and is as available and accessible as air. What happens when we start to become more mindful of this?

The second theme was to experiment with the 'self-attunement', imagine the potential for yourself, and others, if we could booster ourselves and continue to attune ourselves to Reiki whenever we wanted - at whatever Reiki level of education we are at. Imagine the fuller potential if anyone, even complete beginners, could start to access for themselves universal life force without the expense, time and dependence of going to class - being guided by an audio like the meditation below, or simply becoming more confident in asking for attunements from the source itself - ie. Reiki.

Instead of believing the rhetoric and the traditional insistence that Reiki can only be accessed via a Reiki Master (and where did that information come from anyway?), and yes I do realise I used to be one of these people, haha! How about experimenting for yourself and seeing what you think? Try the meditation below and let me know in the comments <3

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