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More on Usui Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy modality and means ‘Universal Life Force’ – REI and ‘Physical energy field’ – KI (as in the Chinese ‘Chi’).  In essence Reiki is the bridge between the physical energy in our body and the etheric energy surrounding us in the air.

All the classes taught by the Reiki Centre are based on the lineage of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki.  We make this distinction because over the years other forms of healing have evolved also called ‘Reiki’ but originating from different Teachers.  We cannot comment on these forms of Reiki so the distinction is made only to highlight the type of Reiki we are talking about.

Reiki energy works on the energy blueprint of an organism, meaning the DNA memory and ‘design’ of an organism.  When a new life is formed, all cells in the new embryo contain ALL the information as to how the organism is to develop – whether a cell later develops into a liver cell, an eye cell, a muscle is already designed and forethought – the map is already contained in every cell and the general height, length, dimensions as well as structure is already predetermined right from the beginning. There have been several books written about etheric energy, the most comprehensive I know is Richard Gerber’s “Vibrational Medicine for the 20th Century” where several experiments are outlined and the layers of energy are explained in much more depth.  But suffice to say, in the beginning we have a map of essentially ‘who we are’, and after that it is our choice what to add in terms of beliefs, traits, experiences (and aches and pains!).

As we develop as humans we frequently think that ‘other’ additions are part of ‘us’.  For example we may develop a fear of flying and say ‘well, that’s just ME’, or you may blow your top easily and be negative or pessimistic and think ‘well I’m just a melancholy personality’.  Science and psychology seems to agree up to a point, that people are born with certain character traits and also certain personality profiles – but we also tend to take the limitations too far.  For many of us, the migraine, painful neck, depression, or suppressed anger is NOT ‘us’ but simply baggage and leftovers of past experiences we have yet to let go.

So what does this have to do with Reiki?  In my experience, Reiki works at the etheric or blueprint level of healing.  The energy when it enters the body will harmonize areas of stress, tension, baggage left over from the past and not part of the original DNA Map.  This helps to explain why Reiki can be so quick and effective in some illnesses, and rather slow or even ineffectual on others.  Some of us are, unfortunately, born with DNA Maps containing genetic weaknesses and illnesses – and in general Reiki may not be so effective in these cases.  However, in cases where the illness has been developed over time, Reiki can have a major impact on healing.

Concurrently, Reiki is also a very powerful healing for any kind of emotional ‘baggage’ whether it be grief, anger, sadness, or fear by providing a gentle release of such emotions, normally without major crisis or healing curves.  Reiki works by releasing trapped emotions in a very gentle way simply by harmonizing the negative impact and allowing the energy to be either released or reused by the body.  In this way, many people report feeling more peaceful, less stressed, and more content after a Reiki session or weekend workshop.  Reiki is a universal energy and as such is open to all – no matter the age, belief system, religious philosophy or background.  Reiki can be given to children, animals, plants and often with very dramatic results.  Reiki has been documented to treat a wide variety of different ailments from pain management, depression, broken bones, arthritis, cancer, and of course general wellbeing and improvement of the immune system.

To get Reiki for yourself you need to be ‘attuned’ by a Reiki Master.  This means you cannot learn Reiki out of a book or by listening to an audio or downloading information from the internet.  The reason being is that the Reiki flow is not something learnt but is something ‘activated’.  If you imagine you are a Radio and you are currently playing at a certain frequency – perhaps you are tuned in to a pop station (hopefully you are not in-between stations listening to static!). A Reiki Master has been taught a method of ‘tuning’ that allows her to activate a new frequency in you, which effectively turns your Radio dial onto a new station so now instead of playing pop, you are playing Reiki classical.  This is not something you can do for yourself.  However, once you have been ‘activated’ or attuned the Reiki starts to flow automatically through your hands and you can use this flow to heal both yourself and others.  Again if I use an analogy, I would liken your hands to a 24/7 pump of energy that is available to you at any time for healing, relaxation, and stress relief.  Pretty cool right!

photo credit: M Pinarci DNA strand via photopin (license)


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