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Losing Friends as you Grow

Possibly the most difficult struggle people have when they embark on their own spiritual journey is losing friends along the way. Perhaps you begin noticing a difficulty in staying connected/ in synch with certain friends, followed by frustration as you fail to understand why they can't see what you see, and finally after trying to help them you both kind of drift apart. This is part of every seekers growth but now with the timelines shifting and moving further and further apart - this is happening faster and more abruptly.

If you are drifting away from certain people, accept this is the way it is going, and start to look for your new community. For some, it could mean just dropping a couple of friends, but for others it can signal an entire new group and life stage.

This may not be what you want to hear, you may have nurtured these relationships for decades and feel reluctant to let them go. But trying to drag people along with you, or staying small to accommodate other's fear is not a good use of your energy. There is a much bigger shift at play here.

Since the beginning of Covid we have been transitioning into a New Earth timeline - a pause button was pressed and all six billion of us were forced into a holding pattern. Some of us decided to just wait it out. Some of us decided to use the time to re-prioritise. Some others to re-invent. The response to Covid has been hugely varied, based on existing belief systems, influences and our individual propensity to be optimistic or pessimistic. Many do not feel this is anymore than an inconvenience, whilst others believe it is a transition of enormous significance. Depending on where you are along this spectrum is the way you will be responding and reacting.

For those of you in my community, you are aware I have been on the super-excited end of the spectrum. I see this as the shift into the New Earth, Aquarian age, 3D to 5D, evolved consciousness - the terminology is ever changing. I talk about it a lot and even built a community focussed solely on exploring this new paradigm and integrating as painlessly as possible. Those with me are full speed ahead with no looking back, having landed firmly into the new energy vibrations.

Within my friendship group are those with very different world views and responses. It has taken me by surprise if I'm honest, I thought my friendships had already gone through quite a huge shift when I went from Corporate Marketing to Reiki teacher, haha! But Covid has brought another round of clearing and growth and many of us are being called into different roles and life paths. What was aligned in 2019 is no longer aligned in 2021.

The more I move forwards, the less time I have to put into friendships that have simply parted directions. Not that I don't love them all dearly, but frankly there is so much to do and explore - it's important to prioritise your energy.

The New Earth, 5D, evolved Timeline - whatever you want to call this stage of the unfolding is super super exciting. Have you noticed the change in frequency of life around you? Have you noticed the new Law of Attraction rules? Have you noticed the "Bigness" calling out to you? You are only going to see it if you are looking in that direction, and its new, shiny, vibrationally awesome stuff. I liken the shift as a change in focus. If you look out your window right now and focus on the scenery, you will see all kinds of vastness, detail, interesting things. If you refocus and look at the glass itself, you will notice the dirt, dust, splashes and how you need to clean them. What are you focused on? Even the most incredible view is obscured by the wrong choice of focus.

If you are looking at the view and your friends are not, what to do? You can try to direct them to the resources, get them to shift their focus, maybe even recommend some teachers or meditations, but if they get hung up on the dirt then you pointing out the scenery is going to irritate them. "Can't you see I need to clean the window? Stop harping on about the view, the window is dirty! I can't just ignore it!" You enjoy the view, maybe they clean the window and they see the view eventually, and maybe they just obsess about the dirt for the rest of their lives. At the end of the day, it's a choice we all make.

What you need to know, if you are stepping into the New Timeline, is the power has shifted into the vibrational era. The more you focus on the energy around you, in you, moving you - the more you will be able to move with it and the more it will expand you. You will be called more and more strongly into your life flow and purpose and you will be moving towards a more expressive identification with your inner truth. This is where we are going, those of us on this path. Be OK that not many people want to do this, or are ready to do this.

Are you ready to just do You?

Are you ready to move into your power and not need to be validated by others?

Are you ready to stay with the high energy around you and not get sucked into lower duality?

This requires discipline, practice, a constant vigilance. I recommend community strongly. Many of us are on this path, but we are doing it in thousands of small pockets rather than huge movements. Hundred of thousands of teachers and groups holding space for groups from 5-6 people to five-six thousand. Each and every one contributing to the whole. Each and every one holding the same vibrational frequency, joining and merging regularly so that our physical bodies become used to it, strengthened and expanded. As we explore, integrate and grow, the neutral middle way, the compassion and the willingness to hold the creative force will unfold the next step, and the next.

We don't know where we will end up, or if others will follow on behind us - this is uncharted territory and we are explorers. Follow your intuition and enjoy the process. You will lose people, and you will find others. It's all OK, it is a natural path of evolution.

You don't need to bring everyone with you, but it is helpful to find those who are moving with you, and join with them. Find a local meditation or spiritual group you resonate with, or jump online and join with one of the thousands of groups online. Find your Facebook group, explore Youtube - the internet is a vast and powerful ally to this shift.

Here are the groups I run, and also others I belong to to give you some ideas...

The Reiki Centre Community (weekly meditations and gatherings, a paid membership specifically for the New Earth transition)

Reiki Centre Facebook Group (its new! open to all - for chitchat, community and a place to share challenges and questions)

Monthly Reiki Reiju (free monthly Reiki healing and meditation)

Other resources you might like:

Adyashanti Peace Room (my spiritual teacher, I cannot say enough great things about Adya, he teaches non-duality)

Lee Harris Facebook page (has a paid community, excellent monthly Youtube updates - also focused on the new earth energy)

Mooji Youtube (a spiritual teacher on awakening, very grounded approach)

Insight timer has loads of free and paid meditations (download the App)

A shout out to other teachers I love who hold space more intimately. Smaller group sizes make for accessible and meaningful community. Certainly I love being amongst peers and friends.

Wishing you love and support on your journey, you are not alone!


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