Losing Friends as you Grow

Possibly the most difficult struggle people have when they embark on their own spiritual journey is losing friends along the way. Perhaps you begin noticing a difficulty in staying connected/ in synch with certain friends, followed by frustration as you fail to understand why they can't see what you see, and finally after trying to help them you both kind of drift apart. This is part of every seekers growth but now with the timelines shifting and moving further and further apart - this is happening faster and more abruptly.

If you are drifting away from certain people, accept this is the way it is going, and start to look for your new community. For some, it could mean just dropping a couple of friends, but for others it can signal an entire new group and life stage.

This may not be what you want to hear, you may have nurtured these relationships for decades and feel reluctant to let them go. But trying to drag people along with you, or staying small to accommodate other's fear is not a good use of your energy. There is a much bigger shift at play here.

Since the beginning of Covid we have been transitioning into a New Earth timeline - a pause button was pressed and all six billion of us were forced into a holding pattern. Some of us decided to just wait it out. Some of us decided to use the time to re-prioritise. Some others to re-invent. The response to Covid has been hugely varied, based on existing belief systems, influences and our individual propensity to be optimistic or pessimistic. Many do not feel this is anymore than an inconvenience, whilst others believe it is a transition of enormous significance. Depending on where you are along this spectrum is the way you will be responding and reacting.