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I’ve been thrown into Chaos after Reiki 1

“This week has been a crazy week for me and I feel myself in total chaos – things have gone horribly wrong. I’ve lost a good friend through an argument, I see myself wanting to isolate from some people, the corporate world is driving me mad, I screwed up big time on something (work-related) and know it will cost me…I feel I need to just get away & find inner peace, and some genuine good-hearted people to surround myself with. I feel that at this stage in my life, I want to change and turn it around completely but I’m kind of stuck…I do not know how to get there. Something is happening and there’s a lot of turmoil.”

I wouldn’t say its usual to be thrown into turmoil, but it is certainly a common enough experience!  As you become more in touch with your truth it can sometimes be a shock at how disconnected you feel from many around you. It’s not always a time to create change or drama however. Often our external events simply reflect what is happening inside – if you quit your job, dump your friends, go to a retreat on some mountain somewhere – what you create is an artificial situation that may give you short term relief, but once you come ‘back’ your new job, your new friends will begin to reflect any of the unresolved issues you have carried with you – as I love to quote ‘where ever you go, there you are’!

Better to be still exactly where you are. When you feel overwhelmed or in chaos, do NOT do anything. Sit, do Reiki, allow the messages to come to you, allow the decisions to be made for you – from deep within you. The turmoil is a mechanism to show you what is not in flow – its good if you browse the ‘stickmen’ series of videos as I talk a lot about what is happening to our energy field as we take on the Reiki attunements.

Many people experience an inner growth that feels uncomfortable at first as its not something we are used to. But over time, and several Reiki years later, you will see these moments of Chaos as incredible opportunities to reflect and be still. Personally I have found that the more chaotic the outside world, the stronger message I am getting to be still.

When all is chaos outside, if I am reacting from that place of internal chaos, I tend to knee jerk and say or do things out of frustration, not love. When I stop everything (even if for 15 minutes) and be still, do my Reiki, quiet my mind, I can come from a place of peace and love, and somehow the right actions or words come through.

I know for many of us in the community we have had similar experiences of life just being turned upside down after the attunements, please do share what you found helpful as you figured it all out!


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