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How to word sending labels to important events

Reiki sending to events, issues and life shifts is one of the great tools available to Level 2 Reiki practitioners.  Often Reiki 2 people get worried about how to word their labels so as to send Reiki to the correct intention and with the right focus. Remember that with Reiki, it will go wherever you direct it so the first thing is to get clear on what you want and then word your label to reflect that.

Reiki always works to the highest good – so don’t try to force the outcome.

You cannot manipulate it.  However, if you try to force the energy to go to an outcome that isn’t to your highest good, it can create inner conflict as essentially the universe is pulling one way, and you are pulling the other (the Universe ALWAYS wins), so when you are crafting your words, make sure you are not trying to force the energy in only one direction.

Words like ‘successful’, ‘perfect’, ‘best’, ‘right’ are great words to use as we may have a thought as to what ‘successful’ means to us, but the universe is free to interpret ‘successful’ in the way that actually works for you in the long term, and that may be in the opposite direction.

For example you may send Reiki to “the perfect job interview” with the thought that ‘perfect’ means you will get the job.  However, if the universe is flowing for you to have a different experience/career/job then ‘perfect’ will be for you not to get the job and not do well in the interview – that would be perfect.  You can imagine the tension you will create if you send to “getting the job with XYZ Company”, if you force the universe to give you the job, who knows what you will be missing out on!

Decide on what is important to you and craft your label accordingly.

Another example, if you are renovating your apartment you could send to:

“the perfect outcome of the renovation of [insert address]” or to “the smooth process of renovating [insert address]”

In the first one you are sending to the outcome – that all will end up well (but maybe very challenging along the way) and to the second you are sending to the process (but maybe a complete mess of an outcome!), these are two completely different things: personally I would combine it and send to both!

“To the smooth process and perfect outcome of the renovation of [address]”  It’s fine to put all the elements into one send – this way you send Reiki energy to the process AND the outcome.

Remember Reiki is always working to the highest good – so if you send and it all goes a bit haywire, this is the way of it and meant to be 😉  ie. It would have happened anyway – when you send Reiki, it never makes things worse – unless you are trying to manipulate!

 Send to one ‘energy field’ at a time.

I always caution people to prioritize what events or shifts they want to see first, and often give the case study of my friend who sent Reiki to a label: “my perfect job and perfect home”.  About a week after she sent to this she was delighted to find her dream apartment and was so excited!  But about a month later she did indeed land her dream job – in a different country.  She ended up moving and leaving her dream home behind and I always thought it was such a shame she couldn’t really enjoy either of them because she had regrets.  In my mind, if she had sent to her dream job and then waited for that first before looking for her dream home – she would have been 100% delighted, with no aftertaste of regret.

Patience!  Prioritize what would make the biggest difference to you right now, or what is your number one focus right now, and send to that, and then be patient!


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