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How to Re-start Your Reiki Practice

“Over the years I've not practiced what I learned during the course and haven't used self-healing on myself nor on family. Do you recommend that I get re-attuned, or what would be the best way for me to refresh and reactivate the basic principles and practice of Reiki.”

This is common question as many of us stop our Reiki practice for so many reasons. Life happens, we get busy, we start a different healing path. Some of us may not have stopped completely, but we would like to re-invigorate our practice or deepen it.

So what to do?

There are many avenues to explore but the first point to note is that your Reiki hasn’t gone anywhere, it is still within you and can never be lost. Think of it more as exercise – you learn a series of exercises to build strength and for a while you do it and it gives you results. But as we all know, once we stop exercising, the results fade and to regain what we lost, we simply need to restart. From this standpoint, the options you choose are dependent on your learning style, and what works for you.

1. Retake your Reiki workshop – for many the best way to kick start their practice is by revising. Many teachers allow students to re-sit for free or a nominal admin fee. Sitting in again will refresh your education, allow you to practice on others and yourself. You may or may not receive the attunements again depending on the teacher.

2. Take another Reiki class – there are many different styles of Reiki so perhaps it's more interesting for you to take a different class with a different teacher or lineage. This will teach you another viewpoint of Reiki and give you different tools. Sometimes we stop our Reiki practice because we haven’t resonated with the teacher, the system, or the tools. If you think this may be your situation, then exploring a different style may be a great way to re-engage.

3. Attend Reiki shares – most teachers provide ongoing support such as gatherings and Reiki shares, both online and face to face. Plugging back into the community is enough for many to re-inspire their practice. My monthly Reiju gatherings include a heart attunement which helps to boost your inner connection with your Reiki.

4. Short courses – enrol in a short course, I have developed a few mini-courses to help people get back into the habit of self-practice, a Chakra balancing one and a Rejuvenate your Body one. The feedback I get is that after a week or so of guided practice, they are feeling the Reiki in their hands again and can carry on on their own.

5. Go for a Reiki treatment – another option is to go for your own Reiki treatment with a practitioner. This is often a great way to re-balance your own energies making it easier to re-start your own self-practice.

6. Follow along and listen to a guided Reiki self-practice – there are many guided meditations and specific Reiki music online on YouTube and Spotify etc. Find one you like and simply follow along. This may be all you need to get going again. My 30 minute Reiki 12 body positions audio has proved helpful for many of my students

Much like the analogy of the exercising re-start, the key is knowing yourself and what works for you. Do you have enough motivation to simply turn on a YouTube meditation and get going? Or do you need more guidance like a personal trainer or regular class? Knowing how you work, and what you need to inspire and motivate yourself is key to finding the right option. But whatever option you choose, I hope you do something! Reiki is such a beautiful, supportive and profound modality, it has something for everyone.

Wishing you lots of love and joy on your Reiki journey!

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