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How is Therapeutic touch different from Reiki?

Q. Is there anything that I would have learned in Therapeutic Touch that is contrary (vs complementary) to my ability to channel reiki energy? Should I be consciously trying to do something different for Reiki than what I learned in my TT sessions?

The main difference in my understanding of other energy work such as TT is that in giving Reiki there is no personal will or direction involved.   It really is an automatic flow of energy based on the needs of the person you are treating, there is nothing you need to do (except get out of the way) and so my only advice would be to not think too much.  The clearer and quieter you can keep your mind, the wider and purer the channel for Reiki (universal source).  This can sometimes be counter-intuitive, especially to our ego, which loves to get involved and become the ‘doer’. This is particularly difficult if you have already been trained in other modalities, as there is an automatic feeling that as a practitioner we need to ‘do’ something.  However, the opposite is true with Reiki. Doing nothing is really the aim of the game, just allowing the flow to happen, as it happens, and being curious as to the sensations but not judging or trying to interpret them. This will give you the most flow, and also the most insight as it comes directly from source.

Having said that, mixing modalities is also fine and many practitioners mix and match in ways that suit their own particular needs and preferences – Reiki doesn’t have any counter indications, so you can experiment and see what suits you.


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