How do I align to the "New Earth" energy?

I've been talking recently about the final "arrival" of the New Earth energy. I don't want to give the impression that it has come in from outer space, but more as an evolutionary shift that we, as humanity, have made through our cumulative shift in consciousness. You could see it as a threshold we have crossed. Enough of us have realized we are all connected, we are not separate individuals fighting for resources in a dog eat dog world. We are compassionate and loving beings who are fulfilled through our mutual connection. There are now enough people on the planet that believe we are more connected then separate, and this amplified belief has now shifted the old paradigm. That is what I mean when I refer to the New Earth "arrival".

This movement has been up and done for the last decade, and appears to me to have now stabilized, helped by our global enforced isolation and resultant halting of our distracted, hectic lives. Many of us have stopped, reflected, strengthened our sense of priorities and irrevocably realized our love and connection with the planet and with each other.

With this new "level" of consciousness comes with it more ease in certain things, and more challenge in others. Coming into alignment, or should I say staying in alignment, will be the challenge in the coming months and years.

I had these great questions emailed to me recentl