How do I align to the "New Earth" energy?

I've been talking recently about the final "arrival" of the New Earth energy. I don't want to give the impression that it has come in from outer space, but more as an evolutionary shift that we, as humanity, have made through our cumulative shift in consciousness. You could see it as a threshold we have crossed. Enough of us have realized we are all connected, we are not separate individuals fighting for resources in a dog eat dog world. We are compassionate and loving beings who are fulfilled through our mutual connection. There are now enough people on the planet that believe we are more connected then separate, and this amplified belief has now shifted the old paradigm. That is what I mean when I refer to the New Earth "arrival".

This movement has been up and done for the last decade, and appears to me to have now stabilized, helped by our global enforced isolation and resultant halting of our distracted, hectic lives. Many of us have stopped, reflected, strengthened our sense of priorities and irrevocably realized our love and connection with the planet and with each other.

With this new "level" of consciousness comes with it more ease in certain things, and more challenge in others. Coming into alignment, or should I say staying in alignment, will be the challenge in the coming months and years.

I had these great questions emailed to me recently.... "When you said we have now arrived in the new earth’s chapter yesterday, does that mean that the energy will settle now? Remember when we met in February, you told me that the energy was starting to expand then and just had to let it run its course. I am curious because my energy has been super positive during lockdown but as of last weekend it sort of crashed. Almost like grieving the old world and what could have been. So I can’t tell what phase we’re in now? Everything feels like it’s in slow motion now and it would be great to tap into the new world energy to complete unfinished projects. Am trying to understand how to manage the current energy and what’s next?"

Grieving is absolutely spot on, we need to grieve. We need to let go of our past, the stories that have held us in place and given us stability. In the letting go we are naturally going to grieve and fear - what is next? Do I still move forwards with my unfinished projects? Do I need to clean my slate and look at everything again?

For those of us in the people industry - meeting and holding workshops may change forever. For my daughter facing her first year at University with no student life, it's devastating. For those unable to reach loved ones who are ill or suffering. So much destruction, so much sadness and fear. There is a sense of horror when we look at the speed at which our old lives are dismantling. It's breathtaking. If we don't drop the stories, re-calibrate, and open our arms to the inevitable then yes, we are going to crash. When life moves and we dig in, we will always loose. Your willingness to let go of the past (and the future) will be in direct correlation to your level of suffering.

Each of us are in a different phase with this. Life has moved, and we now have to find our way to move with it. I'm going to use a product innovation model, because the percentages help give perspective, and help to explain why you may feel like you are in the minority (because you are). The model is from Everitt Rogers Diffusion of Innovations (1962).

1. Innovators (Conscious Leaders) make up only 2.5% of the population- they introduce the concepts. These leaders have been active for decades preparing us for this shift. They are showing up now in all industries, governments, media, medical and will show the way forwards.

2. Early adopters (probably you) make up the next 13.5% - practicing the tools and doing your inner work, you understand deeply that all is one, we are all connected, and a new way of caring and connecting is needed, and evolving right now.

3. Early majority are the next 34% to jump on board - these are the good people, who believe in goodness, have faith in human nature, want to trust something and are willing to jump in once the systems and forward momentum is clearly laid out. They are not actively engaged in self-enquiry and still see the world as separate from them. They don't see oneness as self-evident but have a secret wish that it be so - they are just a spark away.

4. Late majority are the "bah humbug" gang, also making up 34% - the people who love dog eat dog. They will continue to look backwards and lament the "good old days", they will complain and blame all their lives. They come along because they have to but will continue to troll, find fault, and delight in others' failures.

5. Laggards are the final 16%, they are the parts of the population who never get on board with anything. They don't want to play any game, join any system or get involved in a larger movement or community. They are outside of the system/community.

So depending on where you fall on this curve, you are going to be experiencing the world very differently right now.

1. The Conscious Leaders. These people forge the way with vision, insight and solutions. They are the cutting edge of the New Earth vision, the reason it is happening. You can see them all around - their voices are compassionate, ring true, expand your heart, and make you feel hopeful. They are the pace of change and shine clear lights forwards, they have ideas and solutions, if we would only listen. The new leadership is waiting in the wings, you do not have to fear this. Give your energy, your time, and your support to the leaders who ignite your heart. They will become more and more vocal as time goes on. Some are already in positions of power and influence, others are growing rapidly, they will become more and more prominent over the next decade.