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Help! I am getting conflicting advice on Reiki, which is right?

Often when you learn different systems of Reiki you come across conflicting advice on how certain things should be done.  This can be very confusing but is unavoidable as Reiki continues to grow and spread.  There is no governing body or system with Reiki and much of what we know about Reiki is not verifiable, so it can often be one opinion versus another – who is right?

Its important to remember first and foremost that all Reiki techniques are simply tools to help you connect with Reiki.  Tools are helpful up to a point but eventually you need to heed your own inner voice and do what feels right for you.  I would suggest you always begin by following your teacher’s instructions and advice, and once you deepen your experience with Reiki, begin to ask yourself what feels right, and go from there.

Within the Reiki community there are many different ways of doing things so if I say do this, and someone else says do that, all that shows you is both is fine 😉  Personally I would ask my teacher why tools are used in this particular way?  Then I would try it out for myself.  Finally I would make a decision based on my own internal guidance, and if that is not forthcoming, I would follow my teacher’s advice.  That’s the advantage of only having one original teacher!

If you have many teachers and they are all saying different things, that is simply showing you that none is important.  Important things tend to stay uniform.  This is probably shocking news to many as we seem to be fervently obsessed with finding the ‘right’ way to do everything in life.  Most of our wars and conflicts stem from this single-mindedness and its a crazy way to live.  If one person says this is definitely the way, and another person says no, this is the way – and you think they are both genuine and doing their best, then surely the logical conclusion is both ways work?

As a teacher I accept I have some very entrenched viewpoints on things, and I am personally often horrified by what I see as ‘misinformation’ on the internet and even with my fellow teachers.  But I also accept this is just my point of view, and I am not right.  My outrage stems from my narrow-mindedness and always gives me moment to pause and reflect – if a teacher is saying something opposite to me, I should consider it.  It may not mean I agree with it in the end, but at least I open my mind to other ways of doing things, and then I continue doing whatever feels right to me.


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