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Healing Energetic ties in Relationships – cutting chords.

Sometimes relationships hit road bumps and we run into certain issues or friction, whether with loved ones or friends, neighbours or colleagues. The first healing Reiki send to try is “To the perfect resolution of my relationship with XYZ.” In this sending we are sending Reiki to the relationship energy and often this is enough to give us more clarity, insight or patience. Sometimes it takes time, but for me, I feel different about the issue or relationship pretty quickly and this gives me an indication that something is working or shifting.

I have also had circumstances when after sending to this label nothing has changed and the feeling that the issue is ‘under my skin’ keeps coming to me. The person or incident keeps popping into my head, even after sending Reiki, and creates a low grade but persistent ‘thorn in my side’. Do take care to inquire as to whether you are fueling this with your own negative or ruminative thinking. If you are the one doing this to yourself, healing the relationship is not necessarily the issue here – it is more likely to be your expectations around the relationship and what the person did or didn’t do – so the label for healing should be around letting go of your own expectations.

When you get to the point whereby you feel quite good about the issue, and you feel you have found a place in your heart for understanding and forgiveness, yet the issue is still causing you angst then it may be a good idea to send to cutting chords. Chords are energy connections we inadvertently set up with others, and usually have some co-dependence connected to it. Either someone is dependent on us and we have allowed the connection for whatever reason, or we are dependent on someone else and they have allowed the connection. These chords are not healthy and they are not the same as intimate, authentic relationship. Chords have an underlying dependency or neediness about them and can be draining. Usually the feeling you have is of ‘over-exaggeration’ in that the issue feels as if it is occupying more energy in your thoughts than it warrants.

Chords can be connected in this lifetime, in previous lifetimes, or through ancestral hereditary – in other words they are not necessarily conscious and often are linked to ‘stuff’ that have nothing to do with us but in some way we have bought into it at a very subconscious level. You don’t have to worry about all this, it’s just to understand that often we are conditioned to react in ways that have been imprinted upon us, and it’s not something we can ‘figure out’ in our minds. It is energetic, not mental.

To cut chords takes only one Reiki sending, so it’s always worth a try if you suspect the issue is energetic. My recommendation is you write two labels, the first one “to cut the chords with XYZ from this life, past life or family constellations, be it to our highest good” and then the second label to write “to heal the wounds and return us both to independent wholeness” – you can send to each one individually for 15 minutes each, or you can send to the first one for 5 minutes and then whilst still sending to this, dial into the second one and continue sending to both for 10 minutes.

In my experience it creates a lovely freedom in your system, and you will probably notice a change in your relationship with the other person immediately, assuming it is a chord issue. Have a try and see what you think! photo credit: Moiriai Mimcry, Atropos Acts via photopin (license)


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