Expectations and Reiki Sending pitfalls

Obviously when we make the effort and time to send Reiki to an issue, we expect a resolution, or at least have an idea of what we want from the send.  In using Universal energy, however, we always need to be mindful that we understand very little.  The ‘why’ of what is happening to us is sometimes so out of our grasp, and may take years of hindsight to truly show us the gift.

When our loved ones lose their job, when our parents suffer pain and disease, when we ourselves go through depression, illness, hardship – of course when we send to the situation we are sending, praying, wishing for a good resolution – we are sending to getting an even better job, sending to our parents recovery, sending to overcoming our hardship.  But what happens when nothing happens?  When the situation just gets worse and worse?  What happens then?

For some of us we dip into a dark place with Reiki, we stop trusting (if we ever had the trust in the first place), we stop using Reiki, we reject it, we see it as ‘fake’ or ‘not working’.  We go on a search for more ‘powerful’ methods or more ‘powerful’ teachers and gurus.

Others of us dip into a dark place with ourselves, we believe we must be doing it wrong, we question our ability to send properly, we ask others to send for us, or we turn on ourselves and think we must be a terrible person – ‘karma’ is doing this to us.

However, the truth is far more mundane than this!  The truth is the events of our lives really have no intrinsic meaning, people lose jobs, people get sick, people get depressed.  Seriously, shit happens!  The question is, what are you interpreting these events as?  Are you cataloging them into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, are you putting them into ‘deserved’ and ‘undeserved’ or ‘flow’ and ‘out of flow’?  As soon as we start to interpret events, our thinking begins to show itself.  Your beliefs become very obvious based on your interpretation; think for a moment about the enormous range of interpretations based on one small incident:

Your husband loses his job…do you think –

  1. He’s so incompetent/stupid

  2. His boss/company is so incompetent/stupid

  3. Why did I marry this loser (I’m so incompetent/stupid)

  4. The economy is terrible

  5. This country is terrible

  6. We’ll never survive

  7. Now’s a chance for him to find something better

  8. Now we can go on vacation

  9. Now he can de-stress

  10. This is fabulous!

The same incident happens, and people will think any of these thoughts.  It doesn’t take a lot of insight to see the thoughts at the bottom of the list will make for a much more exciting, fun