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Don’t believe in Reiki, believe in the human spirit

“How much do I/you really believe in Reiki?”  is a common question for students, Masters in training, clients, and our own family members. How do you answer this if asked, or within yourself if it is an internal question?

Well, my answer is “I don’t”.

I see Reiki as fuel, not as a higher power. I don’t have to believe in fuel, it’s just a means to an end. Do you ask if you believe in the fuel in your car?  Reiki itself doesn’t have to be believed in, do you think it really cares if you believe in it or not? It powers your body, it does its job, its not really too concerned about your belief system.  We fill up at the petrol station, and we can go anywhere we want, but we never expect the fuel itself to point us in the right direction, or turn on the ignition.  Imagine sitting in the Esso station having an existential crisis on whether or not the fuel you just pumped into your car is going to work or not? Is it going to make your car get from A to B? Is it going to be able to actually work? Do you believe in it?

Is this what you are doing with Reiki? But one step more insane? Is the fuel going to drive the car for you? Does it know where to go? Will it avoid the traffic? Will it stop me from crashing if I fall asleep? Will it turn on my ignition and self-drive?

The idea that Reiki is some kind of godly higher power that only does good things and brings nice things to you and those you treat with Reiki is a nice story to tell yourself, until it isn’t. The client that has a terrible reaction to Reiki, the student who doesn’t feel anything and doesn’t want to practice, the client who gets worse, the student who has a panic attack. What do you do with these realities? Well, the ‘it’s for your highest good’ usually works 😉 Or alternatively, you could just tell them Reiki is universal energy so it’s kind of up to you to use it, or not. Thank you very much.

It’s a philosophy that works for me as it frees me up to take control of my own life and not expect Reiki to work at all – but to ask myself, am I using this fuel to fulfill my potential? Am I using this fuel to drive where I want to go?  It also helps a lot when I am Reiki healing for others, I never feel the burden of responsibility for whether or not they see a difference, or whether they get better or not.  Over the years I have seen some miraculous healing, but I am clear that it is neither me or Reiki that is doing it, it is the person them self and his/her remarkable shift into their true potential.  It makes it even more humbling and awesome – the miraculous power of the human spirit is truly what we need to believe in!  Why limit the human potential by telling people Reiki is some kind of higher power that you succumb to, the ‘fix all’? Frankly, if you have any experience with Reiki, you know its not true anyway. Sometimes Reiki works, and sometimes it doesn’t – this is the true fact, and why ‘scientific studies’ are not conclusive. Reiki itself is not some chemical reaction in the body that can be monitored and clinically studied. It is an invisible fuel that engages your spirit to fulfill its potential. And if you don’t want to or if its not the right time, that is also perfectly fine. But trying to believe in Reiki as if it’s an entity or higher power, a religion or even a philosophy is as crazy as trying to believe the fuel in your car has the capacity to turn on the ignition, point the car in the right directions, and navigate you – asleep at the wheel – to your destination. photo credit: marcoverch Nahaufnahme einer Zapfsäule an einer Tankstelle via photopin (license)


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