Dealing with your Intuitive/Empathic/Psychic nature

I often get emails asking for help around the issue of ‘opening’. For many of us, as children, we had abilities beyond what our adult caregivers could fathom, and so we were told we were either ‘imagining’ things, or downright crazy. This was certainly my experience, and so I hid my abilities from the world, and from myself until I found Reiki in my 20’s. This opened an entire Pandora’s box that was both exhilarating and slightly terrifying. I have had to navigate my way through this opening for many years with the help of people further along the path than me, and also using simple self-inquiry and facing old childhood and social fears around ‘ghosts’, ‘negative energies’ and all kinds of superstitions that abound in our cultures (and reflected in Netflix!).

Essentially Reiki opens us to our potential. People worry that they will be opening themselves to some kind of psychic energy that will be dangerous and to this I say – impossible! But, if you were psychic/intuitive/empathic as a child, this is part of your potential, and you will most probably be called to open to it again. Reiki is an invitation to open to your inner gifts, so eventually you will be called to be a bigger, more authentic version than the ‘you’ you think you are. Trust me, we spend far too much time and energy hiding from our own brilliance, and yes, when it starts to shine through the hiding spaces it can be challenging; especially when dealing with a world still in hiding. So, if you don’t want to journey into your own inner brilliance, don’t do Reiki 😉

Now, assuming you are one of those dealing with an opening that you have been hiding from since childhood, what to do? Here are some simple tips that I found helpful in my own development:

1. Trust yourself and your potential: stop telling yourself there is something wrong with you, your feelings, dreams, intuitive insights and start to embrace them. Start to accept the information you are getting, and simply be OK with it. What is so amazing/scary about all this anyway? Just because everyone else is in hiding, many of us are not. Many of us have intuitive insights and there is also plenty of research around intuitive abilities – if we are all connected, if we are all one, then how can we not know what someone else is feeling or thinking? It actually takes a lot more energy to block other peoples’ energy and thoughts than to allow them to flow through us. Relax! There is nothing wrong with you 😉

2. Get curious: once you can relax, a curiosity starts to develop; investigate and be open to the input you are getting. Start to test it out – is the information you get accurate? A sense of awe and fun is much more empowering than fear and hiding. You start to think of someone and they message you, you notice you know who is calling you before you pick up the phone, you can sense someone’s mood before they speak, you can sense the energy of a room, you can feel into different layers of vibration and start to connect with those who may no longer be in physical form – none of this is actually difficult or unusual, we just think it is. Many of you with children will see they do this effortlessly – if we let them.