Dealing with Energy Vampires

It is probably safe to say that we have all, at one time or another, found ourselves feeling tired or drained after we have been with particularly ‘toxic’ people, also termed ‘energy vampires’. While we may feel helpless during those times, the good news is we have more control than we think.

So what is an Energy Vampire?  It is a friend or colleague who:

  1. When they pop up on your phone I.D. you hesitate before taking the call,

  2. When you finish coffee/lunch/the call you feel drained,

  3. Talks much more about themselves then about you,

  4. Asks for your advice constantly/ leans on you for support/ tells you all their problems and expect your input,

  5. You find yourself avoiding them when you feel low or tired.

If you are a healer, then watch out for these clients – they have the capacity of affecting you badly and draining your energy during a healing session.  If you feel drained or tired after giving someone Reiki, they are likely to be energy vampires.

Energy vampires tend to be people who don’t realize they are responsible for their own lives, and so they are not self-sufficient in replenishing their own energy.