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Can your Reiki strength diminish?

Angela is a Reiki 2 practitioner and her young sons have also done a children’s class so they are sensitive to what Reiki feels like. Both boys have enjoyed receiving Reiki from their mother, so she was a bit concerned when they all noticed a change in sensation…

Hi Elaine, I  have been practicing Reiki on myself, and my family, especially my 2 young boys.   Only recently, for the past months, my boys started to tell me they don’t feel my Reiki anymore. Why is that? I felt it too. Frankly, I don’t diligently self-treat myself at night, as I feel so tired after a long day. I’d like to seek your help, how can I “regain” my Reiki energy? I recall you shared that once we are attuned, we’ll have the Reiki for life.

The first thing I picked up on was the hint that Angela was not doing her self-Reiki diligently.  This makes a HUGE difference.  Here is my simple explanation for why….

In my experience, Reiki works via osmosis.  It does not judge the direction it takes for healing – as it comes through our hands it will (hopefully) flow through into the recipient.  But lets say I am exhausted and low on energy, which direction will the energy take?  Through my hands into the recipient, or up my arms into my own exhausted body? It will go to the area of greatest demand, it will go to the lowest energy point.  So depending who has a greater need – me or my client, or in Angela’s case…Angela or her boys.  Would increasing her own self-Reiki make a difference?

Hey Angela, Lovely to hear from you!  I’m not sure why the boys are not feeling it as strongly but I would guess it may be to do with your own self-Reiki.  Remember that Reiki healing does have 3 parts – the Reiki itself is the non-changing aspect but then there is your own personal openness and the boys openness – it could be that if you are tired and not charged then the Reiki will not be flowing as strongly through you as much of it is probably being used by your body before it has a chance to get them them! I would suggest you always need to have a 2-1 ratio of self-treats and treating others, if you are only treating the boys and not yourself then this balance is off.  Try treating yourself first and then others second – then you will be giving them a much more effective treatment and also not draining yourself further.

As a therapist it is my responsibility to ensure my energy levels are higher than my client’s, otherwise the Reiki will begin to take the journey up my hands and into my body, depriving the client of energy!  Remembering that Reiki is non-judgmental and will simply go to the area of greatest need will also remind us to take care of ourselves first to ensure that others get a decent treatment.

Dear Elaine, Thank you for your email. I realized the importance of the 2-1 ratio when we practice Reiki. I started to perform 15-20 minutes turbo Reiki on myself daily. Amazingly I could start feeling warm sensations in my hands again. And my elder son nodded his head happily and told me he could feel the Reiki again! Amazing… 😉

It is believed that Usui always meditated and used Reiki for self-healing before he attended to others.  There are many benefits to making sure you are growing and healing, not least being the fact that you can be of much more service to others the stronger you are energetically.


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