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Can I Reiki a patient in a coma?

“I would like to ask if it’s okay to use Reiki on a coma patient in intensive care unit. My relative is in a semi-conscious state from a brain surgery and is being hooked up to machines including a ventilator for breathing. Are there any contraindications for using Reiki in such a situation?”

No, there are no contraindications – Reiki only balances. The only thing to remember is that balance also includes letting go to the next stage so it can also prepare people for death and allow them to go peacefully. In my view, this is always for the best if the person is ready, rather than have them hanging on in pain or fear, but for some families they are not ready to let go and so this result could be seen as a ‘bad’ thing.

If you feel open to helping your relative experience the best outcome for their own life journey, then Reiki will only ever do what is best for their highest good. If your relative is looking for a ‘doorway’ back to life, Reiki will help them find it, but if they are looking for a doorway to the next phase, Reiki will also assist them to walk through peacefully and joyfully. If you have a lot of family members who will blame you and cause you issues if your coma relative passes away quicker with Reiki, then I would be more careful.

Unfortunately not everyone believes death is a door to a new beginning, for most it is a very undesirable thing. In my own personal experience doing Reiki during the pass over stage is an amazingly honouring experience, and always beautiful – so I really recommend it!  But I have also declined helping families if I feel they are not ready to let go and have only one outcome in mind, as I do not want to put myself into a difficult situation with them.

Reiki 2 techniques are also very useful for this as you can send Reiki to the best outcome for all members of the family and this helps enormously with the letting go process.


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