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Book Review: This is Reiki – Frank Arjava Petter

Whether you are a practitioner seeking a deeper understanding into the history of Reiki, a Reiki teacher researching additional techniques to incorporate into your teaching, or a practitioner looking to deepen your healing practice, you’ll find this book a valuable asset. Frank Arjava Petter delves into detail about Reiki’s background, and its practice, and covers topics not normally found in most Reiki books,  like sacred Reiki sites, and cultural and religious backgrounds of Reiki.

Arjava documents both his personal Reiki journey as well as information from his research in this book, with plenty of pictures, kanji and personal accounts to keep his reader flipping the pages. With four main parts to the book, we love that while there is a strong focus in the history and background of Reiki, readers who want to learn more about techniques and the Reiki practice are not left wanting. Arjava offers just as much information in that aspect, and you will find at least a few techniques that would appeal to you and aid your practice.

Recommended for the advanced practitioner, ‘This is Reiki’ is a book that will not disappoint if you are looking for a Reiki book that can serve as a good reference for a long time to come.


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