Balancing Mind/Body/Spirit is crucial in these times

We all know we are not only our thoughts, we also have a body, and most of us appreciate we also have a spirit or "vital spark" that animates both body and mind. Yet in these very challenging times, many of us have forgotten this simple truth and have lost ourselves totally in thought.

It would only seem logical that if we understand we are a body, and a mind, and a spirit or essence then we should balance these three elements - spend time exercising and taking care of our body, take time to calm and nurture our minds, and take time to listen to our spirit. But on an average day, how much time do you take with each element? My guess is over 80% is in the mind.

And even this 80% is not managed. This 80% is totally out of control: any thoughts allowed; down the rabbit hole of social media; Netflix binges; anxiety cycles; news fear mongering. It's like we think we are just victims of circumstance, devouring whatever comes along to grab our attention, never filtering it to see if it feels good or bad. Never stopping to ask ourselves if these thoughts are calming or exhausting. Who exactly is in charge here?

Yes, we cannot control external events, we cannot control the way things are going to unfold on a global level, but we can certainly control what we feed our mind. We can be the guardians of our mental health, we can nurture our minds in many many ways - through meditation, mindfulness, through books and films, art and poetry. Become a champion for your own well being, if you don't, who will?

Start to catch yourself and what you spend your time doing - is what you are focused on even good for you? Is watching the news for hours nurturing? Is scrolling Fac