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A fish out of water – the next stage of your evolution

As with all things COVID, our time in isolation has helped highlight many things that we thought we had dealt with, but now under the intense spotlight of the New Earth energies, we are having to look again.

I’ve been having plenty of deep insights, as I’m sure have you. Challenging as these may be, they are bringing us into greater and greater alignment with our role in this great transition. As we start to come out the other side you may have noticed the eagerness of many around you to “get back to normal”. You may also notice a sense of disappointment within yourself that so many seem to have learnt so little. With all the hype around the “New Earth” you may have expected things to magically shift overnight. In honesty I keep secretly hoping for this too! So, lets gather our collective hope and optimism and walk through how it works; the evolutionary pathway.

Remember, we were all fish once upon a time. As fish we did not look towards land and simply walk onto it (The Little Mermaid is fictional, unfortunately – damn these fairy tales!) Fish evolved into air breathing land lubbers over millions of years. It is evidenced that some developed both gills and lungs - a transition period. And if we can take lessons from this, and see we are also in a transition period, we can focus on what the important shifts are, and focus less on the fact that the majority of the population will remain in the water.

Look to the land, if you want to get out of the water you need to focus on what you need to survive on land. Those still in the water are going to be terrified for you – “don’t go!! You will die!!” But remember, you have gills and lungs, they may die, but you will not. Look around at those already on land. Not the majority, the tiny minority – but they are there, thriving, and enjoying the new scenery and possibilities.

Their freedom is not tied to the water, they are free to roam the land and to come back to the sea. But be aware of the cost. When you leave the sea, you cannot take the fish with you. You have to leave them behind; they cannot come for fear of death. Whether that fear is actual or not is not relevant, it is felt deeply in them, and you must respect that. Accept that their fear is real for them, and that their fear for you, because they love you, is also real for them. The fact you have lungs is not something they can either comprehend or accept. They have no concept of lungs, they are fish. They cannot even imagine what it would be like to breath air. Their limitations are not for you to change or even concern yourself with. Imagine, you spend all your energy and time on trying to convince fish its OK and safe for them to come with you, you wait and wait in the hope they evolve lungs.

How long will you wait?

Evolution shows us that many fish stayed in the water, and others evolved into the myriad of land creatures we have today. Diversity means profusion of life in all its many forms. Those who stay are as important as those who leave. Do not assume that those who resist change are wrong, the New Earth must make room for everything if it is to be congruent with our awareness that we are all connected.

The only question you need to ask yourself is whether you have lungs or not, and whether you wish to explore the land, or if you are in fact happy staying in the sea. Whatever your decision, have it come from a place of deep inner truth, not from the fish around you.

When you step up and out, you often do it alone. If you are waiting for approval, agreement, or understanding then you will wait forever. If you are waiting for uniformity or unanimous agreement, you are going against the natural order of the universe. Diversity means all is embraced, all is cared for.

All that matters is what you learnt in lockdown. Not what others learnt, or how others will change. If nothing changes, or things get worse …how will you respond? That is all that matters.

Even before COVID the lessons were the same. Focus on your own truth not others, find your own meaningful values, come into your own authenticity. Express yourself, be yourself. Perhaps you have seen these lessons under a more intense microscope, and perhaps lockdown has highlighted what is working and what is not in your own life.

And from this perspective you grow within yourself, your life, your expression. You do you. And if you attract others who like what you are doing then great! This can be a validation for you, but don’t let that be the thing you are looking for. Know that if you are aligned with your life purpose then you will be taken care of. This is not because the benevolent universe rewards you, it is because you are in the right role. Everyone has a role to play. Fish need to be fish, mammals need to be mammals, nature flourishes and flows, everything in its natural and rightful place.

Your role may not be all that you had hoped and dreamed for (from an egoic perspective of great achievement and accolade). As you step out into your full power you may find yourself less affirmed, less respected, less approved of. But you will be clear, free, and empowered. And that is absolute gold.

So if you notice you have lungs, and an urge to explore new territory, or a belief that we are ultimately connected and also free to find our rightful place, I encourage you to step out of the water, explore the verdant land, and meet the many explorers already free, clear and joyfully twirling, dancing, and breathing.

"Lily Frog" byDC Smith is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


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