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What is 3D(imension) and 5D(imension)?

We talk a lot about the levels of “3D” or “5D” in the Community container, it is also terminology used in many spiritual forums and the general idea is that these past few years has been an acceleration of our evolution towards 5D beings.

What is the 3rd Dimension?

When we talk about “3D” we are talking about the level of living that would be considered “normal” ie:

1. Survival of the fittest – the desire for more. More achievements, more money, more power, more food, bigger house, more friends, more likes, more approval, more botox – the striving for happiness as an external drive that more will bring some form of lasting satisfaction. The opposite is the same spectrum – the less I have, the more austere I am, the more fasting, more charity work, the smaller my home – this is less common but the same spectrum. Essentially the drive to “fix my external environment” where everything is objects and collecting or rejecting the right number or type of object will bring happiness.

2. Relating – How am I doing in relation to you? Am I fitting in? Do you agree with me? This spectrum is the understanding that I am part of a bigger group – this defines the type and number of objects I need to collect are the “right “ones. Relating gives meaning to the objects. What I collect or reject in one group is different to another group dependent on culture, family system, race, religion, social class. We jump from group to group trying to fit in or find the one that brings us closest to happiness. We think that relating in the right group will help us merge or feel complete.

3. One truth – the road to salvation, leadership, outer guidance, abdication of personal responsibility. Once we have found our group, community, religion it has a set belief system or structure that we can follow to guide our actions and thinking. It will lead us to salvation, to happiness, to completeness. Those who lead know what they are doing. If I follow the gang, I’ll be OK.

The fundamental flaw of egoic existence is “I am separate from you”. The entire false premise of the 3D structure is based on the belief that my consciousness is emanating out of my body/mind structure and is separate and distinct from yours. Out of this comes all the grasping – I need to have more/less than you, I need to know where I stand in relationship to you, I need to know who’s in charge and what to do.

You could draw many other points than the ones I have made above - but the general stance or perspective of living in the 3D is one of separateness - in any form or manifestation.

What is the 5th Dimension?

When we talk about “5D” we are talking about the leap from Newtonian/physical law to subatomic physics. Nothing is the same – it’s like turning the system into a paradox – the laws of one do not apply to the other. In the “5D” we see that:

1. All is one thing – all experiences are simply experiences and none are judged better or worse. Essentially all is neutral or equal in the eyes of God/universe/oneness. Whether you have achievements or not, whether you are rich or poor, happy or sad. Each experience of consciousness is simply an experience. Grasping is pointless, but also happens. All physical structures, including our body, is simply arising out of consciousness as objects made up of combinations of atoms. Nature/universe/God delights in the infinite combinations and an incredible creative force is at play.

2. Consciousness – by looking out of my eyes, the trees see themselves (Adyashanti). God itself plays through our pinprick of awareness. The universe experiences its creation through our senses, and the senses of all living things, all atoms, all molecules. As egos in the 3D we are not aware of this interplay because we are so focused on being seperate, but it exists always.

3. Truth – just is. The evolutionary current of God/universe/oneness is so beyond our human mind and so beyond the 3D. It is not a logical or thought thing. All thoughts arise out of the truth, out of the creative force. Thoughts are simply objects – thought forms. The object cannot know its maker.

We can only see or experience the 5D when we are “non-objects” and this can only happen when we are willing to drop our “somebodyness”. This is where meditation and energy work is so useful. There are techniques that help us to quiet the mind enough to see what is below/beyond/before the thinking. This 5D awareness is always there, it is the you that has been staring out of your eyes since you can remember – the spark of consciousness that also has the opportunity to be self-conscious.

Why are we talking about it?

Astrologers talk a lot about the solar/planetary help we are currently receiving – the physical shifts in our environment and the way the planets align may or may not be helping us. The idea we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, the shift we have been moving through since 2012. Astrologically we expected a big "something" to happen at the end of 2019 and many have interpreted the pandemic as this "something".

The pandemic and forced lockdowns may or may not be a result of this shift. How much you buy into this is up to you. But the general consensus is we are experiencing a huge shift in human consciousness from the 3D towards the 5D.

Is there an unfolding process happening? I feel a very strong YES but it may be purely personal – like a deep awakening or stirring of something that was once asleep. I’m going with that impulse and seeing what comes up, and I hope you will do whatever resonates with you and follow your inner guidance.

In the 5D there is no such thing as leaders, fitting in, doing or having the right thing. It is just your ego gently dissolving to reveal your own truth to you. As a group our community meetings are focused on aligning and becoming familiar with the 5D levels – not to ignore or reject the 3D level but to integrate them all into a wholeness. This gives a full perspective, allows us to work more effectively in the world, but also to meet people at any level. This gives us compassion and allows us to fully embrace whatever is showing up in our life.

The work we are doing in the container is to experience this 5D field. We are mostly still experiencing it as 3D “people”, we are not necessarily dropping our person or ego, but we may have moments where we release our identification with self, and glimpse our 5D nature. Once we see it, we cannot "unsee" it. We may remember it as a memory as opposed to a reality, but slowly the releasing begins. Once we know ourselves as universal pin pricks of consciousness, we cannot go back fully into the delusion of being a separate identity. We begin to see the oneness in everything.

This is the evolutionary journey that mystics, sages, gurus and great spiritual teachers have embarked on for millennia. Their holding of this truth is what helps us to evolve today. This is why we talk a lot about holding the light ourselves – so that as we are exploring the 5D we are also lighting the way for others, should they choose to join us. Holding the 5D awareness has a real impact on the evolutionary process. There will come a tipping point when more people will be aware of the 5D than not aware, and then a total shift in human consciousness will occur. We are at the very beginning of this process – of enlightenment becoming a common process and not shrouded in mystery and “specialness”.

We live in very interesting times.

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Love the focus and encouragement of your comments. This is very timely! I find that daily Reiki or as often as you can is a positive influence on the exploration of the 5D goals towards oneness. Perhaps the pandemic is here to teach us the connections we have with others. What happens on one side of the planet, influences what happens on the other side! What happens to our neighbors next door influences what happens to us. We live in a dualistic universe which challenges our 3D thinking and creative energy to stretch our individual and collective consciousness to benefit the whole. Yes, we "live in interesting times". Thank you.

Yvonne deVastey, USA

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