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Reinvigorating your Reiki via the Chakra Meditations

Done your Reiki One class already?  Feeling the need to re-inspire or invigorate your practice?  Use the Chakra meditations to boost your Reiki and re-inspire your practice – here are some ideas!

1. Quick and Simple (4 days)

Set aside 4 days where you will have time to listen to the audio meditations consecutively.  Start with the Heart meditation and each day follow the sequence.  You can do this any time of the day but its ideal to choose a similar timing for each day so you have an equal amount of time to assimilate the audio attunements.

Please note:  these audio meditations have attunements built into them – they are not as powerful as the live attunements (they are like an ‘echo’) but still promote energy shifts as with any attunement – please ensure you do ALL FOUR in order not to imbalance your system!

2. To inspire your practice (12 days)

In this practice you will set aside three days per meditation – consecutively over 12 days.  Use this time for reflection, and also take the time to read over your Reiki 1 manual – there is always information you miss the first time round and reading everything again will deepen your understanding.

Start with the Heart attunement and then after 3 days of listening to this audio, move on to the Throat attunement for three days, then three days of the 3rd Eye, finishing with three days of the Crown .  I also recommend keeping a journal of any insights, shifts and things you notice around you during this 12 day reflection.

It is always wonderful to combine the meditations with a diet detox!  Try cutting out wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar and alcohol during this period – you’ll feel great at the end!  Even cutting out some of these will make a difference 🙂

3. For deep inner and outer cleansing! (4 weeks)

This is in effect making the commitment to revisit your Level one training.  You will find that spending one entire week with each meditation dedicated to each pair of Chakras will have a profound effect on your Reiki practice, your energy growth, and the results you achieve.

Depending on what your energy was like when you first came to Reiki 1, you may find that revisiting all the Chakras, having spent some time doing self-Reiki, will have a very different effect second time round.  Your energy will be more open to Reiki, your Chakras will be more available to expand to their fuller potential, and you will be ready for bigger shifts. This will allow you to deepen your true understanding of Reiki.  It truly is a spiritual journey.

This is highly recommended for Reiki practitioners of any level, Reiki Masters will gain plenty of insights too!


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