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Reiki results with a specific illness or disease

Collected open-ended responses from the Global Reiki Survey regarding the question "if you had results with a specific illness or disease, please describe your results". The responses show an enormous variety of different symptoms and ailments can be helped with Reiki. Please note these are individual experiences and does not presume an alleviation of symptoms will occur for everyone. Always follow your health providers advice! Reiki is not a replacement for proper medical intervention.

I'm an incomplete quadriplegic with chronic pain issues as well. If I couldn't do self treatments I would be much worse.

Carl A., USA

I was using a wheelchair due to my Multiple Sclerosis disease progression in 2005. I am not using the wheelchair at all now, I use a walker or crutch instead - it is 2020.

Cecilia B, South Africa

I healed myself from a 37 year-long pollen allergy. Hashimoto stopped on a certain level and is now getting better. Since my initiation in Reiki I never had a flu again, often stop colds in the beginning. No more episodes of sore throat which I often had before.

A.K., Germany

I had a MS relapse a year ago and it is getting better now.

Penny P, USA

Was having problem on my knees but as a result of reiki healing, now it's better .

Ritu J, India

Repetitive sore throats of all sorts can now be stopped early. Pollen allergy is significantly relieved thanks to Reiki.

Anon, France

Translation: No more rheumatism, no more colds when treated from first signs, healed burns

Plus de rhumatism, plus de rhume, car soigné aux premiers symptômes. et à enlevé les feu des brûlures

L.F., Switzerland

My fibromyalgia has greatly improved. I used to have a lot of days where I couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch.

Anon, USA

I have had pancreatic cancer for 15 years. I get a pet scan of my body once a year. For the first time since the cancer appeared there are parts of my body that are experiencing the regression of the cancer. Reiki has a lot to do with that!

Anon, USA

I have type 1 diabetes. This disease is chronic. I used to suffer from headaches due to stress. Reiki has helped me get rid of headaches in all but when I have high blood sugar situations. Reiki has greatly improved my mental health as well. I've struggled with PTSD and situational anxiety. Reiki has allowed me to value myself much more than in the past, and it has helped me to heal from past traumas in a great many ways.

Jeff B., USA

I have sciatica and pain in my ankles from having flat feet. I work on both of these issues daily, and the pain is much reduced for both problems. I also have migraines, but I have experienced significantly fewer migraines since starting to regularly perform Reiki on myself.

Deb P, USA

My diabetes issue with insulin injections is much better now. I used to have 5 injections per day plus one weekly. Now I do only 1 a day and 1 weekly. I'm very happy and I thank reiki for that. I have also managed my depression and suicidal tendencies. I enjoy life now, still have my ups and downs but I love my life. I thank reiki for that. And all the reiki teachers I've met in my life.

Eva V., Greece

I suffered a mild heart attack 8 years ago, underwent surgery, and now I am as healthy as ever. I believe that Reiki was one element that contributed to my recovery, along with very good medical treatment, exercise, etc. I think that Reiki has helped me to manage what is a very stressful, high powered job, and helps me to maintain a balanced and healthy perspective.

SW, Australia

I am 70. Since I was 30 I have had a very severe migraine that has made my life difficult. I did psychological counselling for 10 years (40-50). It helped me tackle the migraine, and it has became milder. I have done reiki from 60 - 70. For the last 2 months I have not had migraines. It's like a miracle in my life :).

Jorunn M, Norway

I crushed the end of my thumb with a heavy hammer. The strike was so hard that an imprint of the head of the bolt I was going to strike was left in the tissue of my thumb. Iced the thumb and went to a clinic. The X-ray tech had to take x-rays twice because the 1st set was "confusing". He used my other hand as a comparison when taking the 2nd set. Both sets of X-rays showed the thumb bone on the hurt hand "had been" broken, but had been "recently healed". Very minor bruising. The soft tissue had still not totally rebounded when I left the clinic.

Tod R, USA

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder as a teenager (I'm 58 years old). Since doing self reiki I no longer need antidepressants. My depression is gone. My anxiety is gone. If I feel anxious, I self treat and I am renewed. It has been miraculous!

Luanne , USA

Osteoarthritis improved significantly


Arthritis walked with sticks. Now completely gone, doing long hikes which I couldn't before

Joan W, England

I discovered Reiki when I was having chemo and it greatly reduced my side effects

Diane DP, USA

Reiki eliminated the use of multiple medications

Mary H., USA

Fibromyalgia in remission


Doing Reiki has helped me deal with stress which I believe has assisted me to keep my high blood pressure under control .


Cardiomyopathy from heart attack and high cholesterol. I continue to beat the odds! Doc calls me a walking miracle. No stints, or defibrillator and I live a normal life.

Tammy F, USA

I used Reiki to get pregnant when my husband and I were experiencing unexplained female infertility.

J. St Amand, USA

I have noticed significant improvements in depression. While I have seen no improvement in symptoms of Crohn’s disease, my relationships and experiences with doctors have changed immensely to be much more supportive and helpful.

Carolyn C., USA

Lymes disease with neurological lingering symptoms. Reiki helps alleviate symptoms. I notice some pain and send reiki to area. I sleep much better with less waking at night.

Juli W., USA


Rae H., Canada

Very anxious and stressed during personal/family crisis ... reiki was very helpful.


I was able to heal digestive issues, allergy, back pain, period pain. My pregnancy period was so smooth. Our daughter always healthy. So Grateful.

Mireille H, Lebanon

Less arthritic pain in back and hips

Leslie R, USA

Chronic fatigue syndrome- energy levels went from 10% to 40%, which is huge for me.

Sheila K, UK

No more fibromyalgia

Annick K., Norway

Use to have migraines

Tudor G, Romania

Eczema outbreaks have complete reduced and lots of improvement.

Santosh SK, India

Arthritis in knees, pain significantly reduced. Diagnosed Anxiety controllable without medicine and occurrence reduced. Libido (post menopause) increased. Skin improved.

Diagnosed Vaginal atrophy 90% improved.

Sonia H, UK

My period is regular now


Bladder cancer, Ehlers Danlos syndrome

Tracy, England

My allergy symptoms have lessened

Barbara M., USA

Was able to rid myself of arthritis.

Zena B.


Dhanashree, India

Chronic fatigue - reason I first had a Reiki session - able to work 30 hours a week now instead of 20

Susan D, Wales

I have been taking medication for both depression and high blood pressure for about 12 years, related to multiple family crises. Since completing Reiki 1 and 2, I have been able to decrease the dosage of both medications and have spoken to my doctor about phasing out both of them this year. Chronic headache/migraine and digestive problems have improved from daily to rarely.

CB, Australia

Cardio vascular problems better controlled

Luc C, Belgium

Depression is gone.

Lorraine G, Canada

Healing post-operation - pain control

Mike T, South Africa

My IBS does not seems as bad but I'm not consistent enough doing reiki on myself.

Marj P, Canada

Gallbladder removed I performed reiki before and after surgery and had no pain after and healed fast

Destiny P, USA

Insomnia has gone

Pradeep P, India


Vu, Viet Nam

I had an injured shoulder for 4 years. Many different modalities assisted with pain management. I attribute Reiki to significantly assisting above all else.

Anon, USA

Breast cancer. I felt very grounded and certain I would completely heal. I am 6 years out and cancer free.

Elaine C, USA

I had knee pain- both knees and could hardly bend them and now I can. Left 80% better, Right 95% better. GI issues are 95% improved/gone. Back pain manageable. Rt shoulder pain manageable. Got off anti-reflux drugs. Do not take NSAIDS - maybe once a year. I could not manage without my self Reiki. Thats why I teach - everyone should have at least Level I!

Tina L, USA

Occasional sleep issues I now do self Reiki and that helps me to not stress about falling back to sleep. I now consider that awake time as extra self care and prayer time. That helps significantly!


Great pain relief with sciatica

Caroline G., Canada

Crohns has remained in remission

Sheryl F., USA

Chronic headaches occur much less and Reiki helps get rid of any headaches without any medications.


Lowered my blood pressure


Decrease of symptoms, meds work better

Amanda Dahl, RMT, USA

My eyesight improved. My reading glass requirement is no longer there now. From +2 to normal. My short sightedness is almost 60% better.

Pradyumna C, India

Elevated Liver Enzymes returned to normal levels over the course of 4 months of 30 minute daily self reiki

Karen Ackermann, USA

Had problems ear, nose, throat that disappeared

Elisabeth A

I have RA since I’m in my 30s. It was bad in my 40s. Reiki and diet help me get better without taking major medications. I’m 73 and in pretty good shape.

Kat R , USA

I started Reiki because of a dislocated heel. Through a variety of modalities, including Reiki, I don't even have a limp. I credit Reiki with the calm, relaxed state that enables greater self healing, and with allowing me to develop and maintain my connection to Source and flow, which makes life rather magical.

Michelle R., USA

I can cope with my coeliac much better. Still much IBS although it has improved a little. Back problems much better.

TH, Sweden

Less headaches

VB, Australia

I have been able to get off of 3 different medications I was prescribed.

Lorilei, USA

Rheumatoid arthritis- I no longer take medication

Andrea R, South Africa

Reiki helped me deal with PTSD following a car accident.


Asthma reduced.

Dr Christine M., USA

I had a gyn chronic problem improve greatly much to my happiness and my MD's surprise


Almost no pain medication needed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy

Kivi, Finland

Diabetes, Barrett's oesophagus, Arthritis, Bulging Discs in cervical & low back, Benign tumor in ear- hearing loss, Dizzy

Michelle C., USA

Having HIV its helped overall

James, UK

My back problem is much better now

Priyanka G, India

Rheumatoid Arthritis - During my first diagnosis about 15 years ago -my physician was amazed at how well I was doing? She said something like "I've seen people with your numbers (bloodwork) in wheelchairs!"


I'm 57; I have my health issues. I can only wonder how much worse they might have been, had Reiki not been working on my behalf!

Kelly B., USA

Improvement with vertigo issues

Kristenjl, USA

Improvement in Diabetes and Chronic Kidney disease

Inderjit J, India

Improved back pain

Crystal R, USA

Fibromyalgia- less pain, less stiffness, less headaches

Lisa C, UK

Depression. After first level attunement, was able to go off and stay off meds. It’s been 11 years now

Christina L., USA

Knee and shoulder joint pain were were so bad before and now are basically no existent. The same with back issues.

Marsha C., USA

I overcame my thyroid, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine, fatty liver, overweight issues, lethargy, and more in less than 6 months

Asish, India

Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Headaches

Kennette DK, USA

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diet issues, lack of sleep, depression, addiction...all gone now!

A R, England

I am in remission from breast cancer. So, throughout these many years I have used reiki to heal my body significantly

Sakuntla K, South Africa

Many fewer bouts with bronchitis

Carol D., Canada

Knee injury from years ago restricted my movement. Now I speed walk a mile or more on my treadmill.


Reduced pain in my long standing whiplash injury.

Jo Gibbons, UK

Fibromyalgia - significantly less pain and flare ups of symptoms. Reiki guided me to lifestyle changes which support my health

Kathleen J., USA

Bulging discs in my back and sciatica have improved a lot

Pennie D., Australia

I had Reiki before and after a torn rotator cuff surgery. It helped tremendously.

Laura F, USA

I have been able to stop having seasonal allergies

Emilija P, Serbia

I had multiple hernias after having nine colon surgeries, four major, in 14 months. I was scheduled for a massive corrective abdominal surgery. But, when opened up, I instead needed a much lesser version. And my colon is doing incredibly well.

Kelly S., USA

Less chronic pain in lower back, hip, and knees.


I suffer from PTSD and self Reiki helps me to cope with stress. My symptoms are debilitating. I have also had psychotherapy.

Silvia B, USA

I was able to discontinue all psyche meds!!!!

Barbara M, USA

Panic attacks. Very few now. Less fear.

Josie M, South Africa

Pneumonia dissipated with Reiki alone, no medications.

Michele C, USA

My back used to go out easily. It does not do that any more

Kriss, USA

My PTSD has become nearly non existent

Karen H, USA

I had ovarian cysts, left and right side, that the doctor wanted to remove. They were on average 4x5 cm. I asked for 3 months to self treat. After 3 months I returned for a scan and they could not find a trace of any cysts

Rosmarie R, South Africa

Irregular period became regular after about a year + of practicing Reiki

Elaine Y, Singapore

Shoulder pain, migraine

Shaista H, Pakistan

I no longer struggle on a daily basis with irritable bowel syndrome, I just have a very occasional occurrence at times of extreme stress.

Michelle H, UK

Menstrual cycle is a lot better now, I usually like to do Reiki for improvement in all things concerning my body.

Tina, USA

Reiki got rid of my digestive problems

Jorva, Malaysia

Rt shoulder now more flexible

Christopher W, USA

Adrenal fatigue

Lee SN, South Africa

Seasonal allergies have disappeared. I heal faster.


No longer get bladder infections.

Carol K, USA

Helps my back considerably


I did Reiki because I had an issue with throat cancer, after surgery in October 2003, I lost my voice, my brother who is a Reiki practitioner gave me many treatments, I regained my voice in June 2004. Cancer cells returned in my neck in 2006, I had more Reiki treatments then did Reiki in 2007 and has been cancer free since January 2008.

SW, Grenada in the Caribbean

Left Chest Pain has significantly lessened. Heart Palpitation seems to be manageable, heart rate has been stabled.

Beatrixe T, Singapore

Back pain improved. Depression cured. Wellness is a lot better.

Gilles C, Canada

With my Tinnitus condition, I could heal it 100 percent.

Rafael M, Mexico

I broke my left wrist and healed it with reiki. My physiotherapist did a comparison between my left and right wrists, and found that my left wrist was nearly as strong as my right (dominant) wrist. Usually, there is a 30% difference in strength between the dominant and weaker side of the body.


Chronic lower back pain (I had it more than 20 years) has gone. Sciatica pain appeared during teacher training, but it has gone after 10 months or so.

Rie K, Singapore

The Lupus I had has completely gone asymptomatic

Sandi R, USA

I had breast cancer 6 years cancer free I believe Reiki helped me in dealing with shock and getting through surgery, radiation and all treatment .

Tonya, USA

My thyroid used to be high but now results are normal and have stayed that way for a year

Sheetal P, India

My Lyme disease causes various symptoms, including swollen lymph nodes that stay swollen - but they cause me almost no pain or worry now.

Beth B, Singapore

Had chronic fatigue and significant pain 20 years ago and gradually improved when I learnt Reiki. Although I am over 70yrs now I still feel the benefit through regular self treatment.

Flossy S, UK

I was diagnosed with ME in 2015, since doing self reiki regularly this has improved significantly. Fatigue is significantly less, migraines are significantly less, my overall mental health is so much better. I no longer need sticks to walk, I can walk for 2 miles with minimal issues & appreciate my surroundings more

BJ, Scotland

I have recovered from a severe accident. One of the things I suffered from was brain damage. During one Reiki session I have felt my skull move in its place.

Inge H, The Netherlands

All symptoms of fibromyalgia are gone; no depression anymore

Tabine Z, Netherlands

Depression much better now

PK, Germany

Post-Partum Depression. Reiki pulled me out of a very dark place.

Constadina V, USA

No medication now for fibromyalgia

Debbie H, UK

Blood pressure is now in normal range

Sandra G, Australia

I was forever getting colds and coughs. Literally as soon as someone walked past me with them you could guarantee I'd get them. Now they are virtually non existent. I used to suffer from high blood pressure, a family trait, but I don't any longer 😁


Reiki got me through Breast cancer and chemo with much better results and outcome. I know I would not have done so well without it.

444, UK

Macular degeneration. Gave my mum 3 sessions a week for 3 weeks & on her next eye test she could see more letters than the previous months. The Dr commented on how much they had improved & she didn't need to get an injection. We didn't make the connection straight away, it wasn't until I stopped practicing on her & her eye sight deteriorated again.


Healing of dislocated knee in only a few seconds.

Yvonne R, USA

I have an autoimmune condition called UCTD and I had chronic pain for many years. Sensitivity to pharmaceutical side effects was part of what led me to train in Reiki. Though it took years, and while I still have occasional pain related to my condition, I completely healed my chronic pain with Reiki.

Natasha L.S., USA

I no longer have colds or asthma after I started Reiki, my health has improved greatly, rarely ill

Josie Cruz, USA

Ulcerative colitis symptoms are massively improved


Released cervical cancer, adrenalin imbalance, thyroid issue, hypoglycaemia...all with slightly improving diet and lots of Reiki! Reiki works miracles!

JodiAnngel, USA

Significant reduction in migraine frequency, intensity, and duration.

Anon, USA

It has helped with inflammation and stiffness is arthritis

Will H, USA

No pain from herniated disc any more, completely healed. No back pain. I still do have high blood pressure though

Corinne A, UK

Had chronic back pain following accident Reiki has improved this. Very rarely suffer now. Used alcohol as a crutch to feel confident displayed quite addictive and self deprecating behaviours, when I did my detox for Reiki 1 I never drank again. Reiki has allowed me to discover who I really am. Have made significant life changes since bringing Reiki into my life.

Pauline B, England

My chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia greatly improved.

Anon, UK

I smoked very heavily for more than 30 years, as many as 60 a day sometimes . The day of my final Reiki Master attunement was the day I smoked my last cigarette. I was not planning to quit. Since that day I have had no desire to smoke at all. Almost 8 years ago!!! and no weight gain, no extra eating, nothing!!!

Tessa, Malaysia/ Singapore

I had cerebral vasculitis and healed it using Reiki. The consultant kept asking me what I had done

Diane P, Scotland

Diabetic Asthmatic

Donna D, Australia

Psoriasis, since age of 19, now at 64 nearly all gone

Monika A., France

I live a relatively normal life despite having cptsd and fibromyalgia. Thanks to reiki I can manage without pharmaceutical therapies

Sarah H, UK

Asthma - Has Improved Dramatically


Hip pain dissolved

A B, Germany

Cervical cancer cells


My husband is terminally ill and his symptoms are stable at the moment.

Shirley F, Scotland

Got rid of my sinus and insomnia within 12 months.

Anon, Singapore

My kidneys are functioning better

Muniqui M, Japan

I have GERD and often in the middle of the night I would experience severe burning in my throat. When that happens, I will do Reiki in that region for about half an hour and the pain/burning sensation would ease off.

Karen O, Malaysia

I had Ross River Fever and was told that I would not be able to work for 12 months. With Reiki and other natural remedies I was back at work in 3 weeks

Dense H, Australia

Excessive menstrual bleeding. Considerable improvement permanently.

AO, England

Skin due to stress has Improved hugely

Lucie P, UK

I went from daily chronic migraines to one or two a season now & the intensity of headache has lessened significantly

Anon, USA

Psoriasis and back pain cured

Love and Light AC, Lebanon

I always used to get a very heavy cold, every autumn/winter. I haven't had a heavy cold since beginning Reiki.

Carole R, UK

Since learning Reiki many years ago I have stopped drinking alcohol (only drinking now on special occasions) and have also stopped smoking.

Mandy T, UK

I started having Reiki after having Cardiac Arrests and being in intensive care in a coma. I found myself having an out of body experience where I was upside down above myself. My experiences drew me to train and help others

Lisa S, England

Endometriosis and polycystic ovaries syndrome basically non existent now

Valentina G., United Kingdom

Had gallbladder removed had practically no pain and healed very quickly was back to work in 2 weeks

Kate A, England

When I had my first Reiki session, before any of my training, I had tendonitis in my shoulder. This completely went away.

Jane F, UK

Post-operative pain for Bullectomy and Pleurodesis.....neuropathic pain....great relief.

Chris V, UK

Have tachycardia (fast heart beat even at sitting position). Since Reiki, have had little to no issues. Greatly improved heart condition.


Psoriasis much improved (reduced to 10%)

Mischa V, Switzerland

Neck/throat cancer. I had radical radiotherapy, recovered very well. Less side effects, pain etc than was told to expect. My NHS team were amazed by my progress. I received continuous Reiki from many people throughout the world which supported me and still does. I am truly grateful and blessed.

Teresa N, UK

I use Reiki constantly to help manage fibromyalgia. It helps pain levels significantly and also from an emotional point of view. As a Reiki Master of many years, it has been an amazing and fulfilling addition in my life mind, body and soul.Reiki is a true gift for which I am most grateful. It is a true honour to pass it on to others and watch them grow. Truly Blessed!

Jeanette R, UK

Depression, anxiety and stress levels : layers have been peeled off over twenty years or so.

Marie L

Stress has stopped


I can manage my arthritis much better with Reiki

B Hillewaert, UK

I have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and Reiki has helped to make both conditions more tolerable and manageable on a day to day basis. I still have flare ups but can cope better with them mentally

Andrea R, UK

Improved healing from cuts and operations. Managing pain without use of drugs


Herniated disc back pain, tremendous improvement

Brenda L B, USA

I was in kidney failure and am now back to 100% kidney function without any medical intervention

Rev Ashley A, USA

Quit smoking

Lies, Belgium

I used to get really bad menstrual cramps every couple of months and I haven't had these since post Reiki 3. :-)

Ariana W, Singapore

Reiki relieved menstrual cramps better than prescription pain killers.

Elizabeth V

I used to have frequent headaches, mostly tension headaches, that would last 2-3 days. Since learning Reiki almost a year ago, I have only had a handful of headaches, and in some cases, by giving myself Reiki right at the beginning, the headache would clear within a few hours.

Barbara C, Singapore

After Reiki I stopped having leg cramps, and my ovular cysts disappeared.

Divya, USA

When I was menstruating I had severe cramps all I needed to do was place my hands on my lower abdomen with Reiki and they would go away

Catherine G, USA

Digestive, anxiety and sleep issues are much better

Joyce D, USA

I cured 95% of my 16 year struggle with chronic eczema through Reiki (and healing modalities like regression). My doctor and naturopath were both really amazed.

NB, Singapore

Reduced pain with autoimmune induced arthritis pain

GCF, Singapore

I had an internal polyp (growth) which had to be surgically removed. Between the initial examination and the surgery I did a lot of reiki over the approximate place. When I came for surgery, the doctor said she would look again before actually doing the surgery and removing the polyp. She was very surprised and said it was gone, so no need to operate! I was happy, but not really surprised. I then told her that I had given it a lot of reiki. She had heard of it before and said: your method is better than mine.

A, Singapore

Had a broken neck injury and reiki significantly helped me with healing that injury

Pooja A, Singapore

Asthma, lower back pain both affect me significantly less now.

JC, Australia

Clear of endometriosis and the effects of early menopause.

Sarah D, New Zealand

I have just finished treatment for throat cancer. One expected and much-dreaded side effect—numerous painful mouth sores—did not occur. My oncologist and ENT were both shocked when they looked in my mouth and did not see any sores.


Eating disorder - starting to understand more about it


I have injured my neck and shoulder muscles. After practicing reiki regularly the pain I use to get every 2-3 months now I get once or twice a year. The pain is really bad that I have to go to doctor and physiotherapy so many times in a year. But now it has reduced a lot.

Swati S, Singapore

My spine condition caused me continuous pain and require medications/physical therapy. With reiki, I have minimized taking pain killers to almost none ever since R3 workshop.

NA, Singapore

Migraine & Irritable Bowel Syndrome have disappeared. Knee pain has improved considerably

Fiona K, Singapore

My eyes have a genetic condition - it hasn’t deteriorated significantly which I attribute to Reiki care

Pallavi, Singapore

I had chronic pain from stage IV endometriosis. As of now I’m no longer in pain.

Tharanga, Singapore


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