Reiki results with a specific illness or disease

Collected open-ended responses from the Global Reiki Survey regarding the question "if you had results with a specific illness or disease, please describe your results". The responses show an enormous variety of different symptoms and ailments can be helped with Reiki. Please note these are individual experiences and does not presume an alleviation of symptoms will occur for everyone. Always follow your health providers advice! Reiki is not a replacement for proper medical intervention.

I'm an incomplete quadriplegic with chronic pain issues as well. If I couldn't do self treatments I would be much worse.

Carl A., USA

I was using a wheelchair due to my Multiple Sclerosis disease progression in 2005. I am not using the wheelchair at all now, I use a walker or crutch instead - it is 2020.

Cecilia B, South Africa

I healed myself from a 37 year-long pollen allergy. Hashimoto stopped on a certain level and is now getting better. Since my initiation in Reiki I never had a flu again, often stop colds in the beginning. No more episodes of sore throat which I often had before.

A.K., Germany

I had a MS relapse a year ago and it is getting better now.

Penny P, USA

Was having problem on my knees but as a result of reiki healing, now it's better .

Ritu J, India

Repetitive sore throats of all sorts can now be stopped early. Pollen allergy is significantly relieved thanks to Reiki.

Anon, France

Translation: No more rheumatism, no more colds when treated from first signs, healed burns

Plus de rhumatism, plus de rhume, car soigné aux premiers symptômes. et à enlevé les feu des brûlures

L.F., Switzerland

My fibromyalgia has greatly improved. I used to have a lot of days where I couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch.

Anon, USA

I have had pancreatic cancer for 15 years. I get a pet scan of my body once a year. For the first time since the cancer appeared there are parts of my body that are experiencing the regression of the cancer. Reiki has a lot to do with that!

Anon, USA

I have type 1 diabetes. This disease is chronic. I used to suffer from headaches due to stress. Reiki has helped me get rid of headaches in all but when I have high blood sugar situations. Reiki has greatly improved my mental health as well. I've struggled with PTSD and situational anxiety. Reiki has allowed me to value myself much more than in the past, and it has helped me to heal from past traumas in a great many ways.

Jeff B., USA

I have sciatica and pain in my ankles from having flat feet. I work on both of these issues daily, and the pain is much reduced for both problems. I also have migraines, but I have experienced significantly fewer migraines since starting to regularly perform Reiki on myself.

Deb P, USA

My diabetes issue with insulin injections is much better now. I used to have 5 injections per day plus one weekly. Now I do only 1 a day and 1 weekly. I'm very happy and I thank reiki for that. I have also managed my depression and suicidal tendencies. I enjoy life now, still have my ups and downs but I love my life. I thank reiki for that. And all the reiki teachers I've met in my life.

Eva V., Greece

I suffered a mild heart attack 8 years ago, underwent surgery, and now I am as healthy as ever. I believe that Reiki was one element that contributed to my recovery, along with very good medical treatment, exercise, etc. I think that Reiki has helped me to manage what is a very stressful, high powered job, and helps me to maintain a balanced and healthy perspective.

SW, Australia

I am 70. Since I was 30 I have had a very severe migra