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Reiki Master Pooja Arora’s Reiki Story

When she was 20 years old, Reiki Master Pooja Arora had a major accident which left her paralyzed. In spite of her doctor’s grim prognosis that she would never be able to walk again, Pooja made a full recovery with the exploring of law of attraction and creative visualization. It also marked the beginning of her journey with alternative therapy and spirituality.

Years later, Pooja suffered a ‘relapse’ of sorts, and found herself once more bedridden, and in intense pain. Her indomitable spirit once more rose to the challenge, and she learned Reiki 1 and 2 while immobile in bed – and found herself up and walking in a month!

In this audio recording, Pooja shares how Reiki had led her on an amazing journey, first on a physical level with her injuries, and then later on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. She also answer some of our questions on her journey below.

Be awed as she takes you through how Reiki helped her in her darkest moments, and then guided her later to make some pretty major life changes!

Q : We all have our own reasons for coming to Reiki. Tell us your Reiki story!

Let me take a step back and talk a bit about my journey to alternate healing practises. It started when I was 20 and feisty rebellious young adult! I met with an accident which broke my neck, spine and all other bones that could be broken in my body. I was bed-ridden, partially paralyzed and doctors told me I could never walk again as my neck was broken. And my first reaction to the news was rebellion – no one can keep me down and of course I will walk. I told the doctor that – not only I will walk one day – I will be climbing mountains! And then I worked with a focussed determination on getting up and walking. I would talk about it, imagine it, feel it and work towards it.

And I did. It took me 5-6 years of slow recovery to get better and I am not really sure what made me recover. Looking back – it seems to be a combination of creative visualization, law of attraction, mind over matter etc. But I did recover – which my doctor quoted as a medical miracle. Once I was able to actually walk and sit for a day – I decided to figure out what happened and I started exploring alternate healing modalities like Silva method, Yoga, meditation and few others.

6 years later, in 2003, I was in Singapore and I got my second major attack – where I just collapsed and could not get up from the bed. The doctors in Singapore couldn’t help and even after I reached India, my doctors could not do anything because they didn’t know why I was walking in the first place. I was home, bed-ridden and in intense pain. At this time my mother’s friend who is a Reiki teacher offered to teach me and my sister Reiki and also give me healing. And that’s how I came into Reiki – bed-ridden and in intense pain – but it was amazing. After about a month of self-healing, and getting healing from my teacher and my sister – I was on my feet again and returned back to Singapore for work. And I have never been bed-ridden again ever since.

Q : Was this experience why you decided to train as a Reiki Master?

My experience to train as a reiki master is another story! As I mentioned my first experience of reiki was very physically focussed. I believe that with Reiki you get what you need at that time and when I learnt Reiki in 2003 – I needed physical healing. I used Reiki a lot to manage pain and after I became relatively pain-free, I reduced using Reiki to the extent that I stopped practising around 2006/7. For me Reiki was about managing physical pain and I didn’t have any. In about 2010/11 – I had an emotional or a spiritual dilemma. I have been successfully working in corporate world for years, I had a very loving husband and family. My life was perfect on paper. However, I didn’t feel happiness. In fact I felt intense loneliness and that something was missing in my life. I tried multiple things again – hypnotherapy, PLR etc. but nothing seemed to help assuage my feeling of being unsettled and unhappy. That’s when I thought of Reiki again – it helped me when nothing else helped me with physical healing and I wondered if it can help with my emotional healing. I found out about Elaine’s centre in Singapore and based on her guidance repeated Reiki 1 & 2 with her in 2013. And that was a second turning point in my life as I understood Reiki’s impact in dealing with emotional and spiritual issues for the first time! After months of self-healing and focussing on unlocking the root cause of my unhappiness – I took a drastic decision to quit my 12+ years of corporate career and do something that feeds my soul and makes me extremely happy – spread the word of the alternate healing techniques. And hence decided to continue to train as a Reiki master as a part of that decision.

Q : Since your recovery, you have continued on your Reiki journey and training as a Reiki Master – also set a goal to climb mount Kilimanjaro! Have you made the climb?

Yes! When I was hurt 16 years ago – I had told my doctor that not only will I walk – I will one day climb mountains like Kilimanjaro. My first climb was to macho-picho in 2005 after I was able to get my physical pain in control – 2 years after I discovered Reiki J But climbing Kilimanjaro was a latent desire in my mind – though I never thought of myself as being physically and mentally fit to do so. As I started my Reiki Journey again in 2013 – the desire came back with a vengeance and I worked on the intention, leveraging the tools from Reiki 1,2 & 3. And this September – I made it!! I climbed the highest mountain you can climb as an amateur and against all odds!! I gave myself Reiki everyday on the mountain to ensure success. In fact I fared the best in my group in spite of having a broken neck and spine – I had no pain in my neck back or even legs and had no altitude sickness. I am really happy with having achieved that and look forward to many more milestones along my Reiki journey!


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