Reiki, and When True Healing Begins

Reiki Master Elaine Yang’s Story:

When I first came to Reiki, I had no idea what healing really meant. It’s funny how the Universe brings you to the right place at the right time, often without your own knowledge 😉

When I came to a Reiki free talk in early 2010, I was in a lot of pain. Physically from a slipped disc, and emotionally from the ending of a relationship. I felt on the verge of sinking back into depression – I was diagnosed with clinical depression some 14 years ago – trying to manage the pain and work. My idea of healing at the time? For all the symptoms to disappear, because, of course, I have no other issues other than what I was experiencing (haha!).

I went home and dutifully did as I was told – plastering my hands to my body to get as much of this Reiki magic into me as possible, and hopefully the next morning SOMETHING will miraculously disappear, maybe the feeling of depression or the pain, ANYTHING! Then I would be sold on this Reiki, whatever it really is 😉

I woke up the next morning, and was honestly quite shocked – somehow, I had fallen asleep, a dreamless slumber. Apart from the fact that I hadn’t been sleeping well with everything that was going on, I was also suffering from insomnia for over a decade, sleeping no earlier than 2 am at night or even later, no matter how exhausted I was. I knew then my body knew what I needed better than I did, and I just needed to trust it. I was calmer than the night before and the pain was only very slightly better, but that slumber was what made me sign up for my first Reiki class.

I finished Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, and was diligently doing my Reiki self-treatments after Reiki 2, sending Reiki to situations I wanted to shift at work, understanding that the healing happens layer by layer – and it did, mostly on the physical and some emotional aspects then. My health was generally better, I felt I was emotionally more balanced. But I felt like I had hit a bottleneck with my healing – something always felt missing, deep down I knew there was something I wasn’t doing that would piece together the puzzle.

Up till then, I had been very set in my ways, I never really felt I needed to change anything, and had a tendency to be negative. It wasn’t that I didn’t know, but I wasn’t LISTENING.

I had been in recruitment / HR for about 6 years, but I had evolved, and it wasn’t right for me anymore. However, I wasn’t willing to admit it to myself.  My logical mind was screaming “Are you mad Elaine?! You worked so hard to get here – of course it is the right place to be!”. Yet, my body was yelling for attention – my slipped discs got worse, with new ones in my cervical spine. Finally, I listened to what my inner voice and my body was telling me – it was time for rest, and change. I left my job.

Everything shifted in a whole new direction after that – the change in my mindset, realizing not only that change is good, it is sometimes needed.  It opened my eyes to all the other things that I have been ignoring which needed to change – my attitudes, my perception of things, my relationships. And I am not saying that it all happened overnight, I still have my blind spots, and still have issues I would like to work through. Healing and personal growth is an on-going process.  But realizing that true healing happens when I start listening, going with the flow instead of against it, maki