How deep are you willing to go?

Tenacity and dedicated sincerity are critical to uncover your inner truth. Most of us give up without even scratching the surface, or we go looking for another modality, another ‘guru’, another distraction, and then wonder why we are ultimately getting nowhere.

Reiki Master training is an intense opportunity to drill deep into your inner truth. The philosophy is based on depth, not breadth. So when I get a homework submission like the one below, I have to highlight it. This student shows what it takes to uncover your own freedom…. most of us would stop at Stage 1. Those who continue would kid themselves Stage 2 or 3 was ‘it’. But notice the real insights only come in from Stage 4 onwards…and where it ends, nobody knows!  Don’t cheat yourself of your own inner freedom – you may resist or avoid, but the energy required to do that is a lot more exhausting than the energy required to step deeply into it and see.

[Stage 1] When I first learnt about the 5 Usui Principles, I thought it was like ‘Reiki commandments’ so when I saw this homework I thought it would be easy. I thought I had been practising these principles all this while.

During the sending, I felt so ‘blissful’ because I felt I was living in the state as indicated by each of the principles. But it turned out that I would go through the ‘hell’ states soon after. For example, when I did the sending for “I will not be angry”, I felt so happy and pleased with myself that I had not been angry for so long. The following day a loved one would anger me and I would fall into great disappointment and shame that I was flaring up uncontrollably.

I didn’t fit into my ideal image of how a Reiki practitioner or teacher should be. It brought up the ugly sides of me that I couldn’t bear and had been working so hard to overcome. It was too overwhelming for me to function normally at work. Hence I took a break from this homework.

[Stage 2] I realized I should be embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly. All are me, and it’s alright. I carried on with the homework, this time with a different mindset, i.e. everything about me was alright. But my mind went blank because I thought if everything about me is alright, then the 5 Usui principles are all encompassing. I couldn’t anchor the focus on the principles. And with that mindset, boredom set in and I dozed off each time.