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Do I always need to get permission when I send Reiki to others?

Short answer? YES YES YES!!!!

No matter how many times I repeat this in class, there is always the feeling with some practitioners that ‘sometimes’ it is OK.  For example when the person you want to help is completely closed to Reiki, or you don’t want to get into a discussion with them about it, but you KNOW it will help them.

I often say Reiki 2 is the doorway to inner awareness – yours, not others.  Just watch what you do with the tools, and you will enlighten to all your manipulations, meddling, and arrogance.  Just watch, be mindful, observe your desires – when you want to send without permission, this is the perfect teaching for you.

Why?  Why do you want to send to this person?  Write a list…

‘they need it, but don’t know it”they will be much happier with it’ ‘They just don’t know themselves’ ‘They are too closed to see how great Reiki is’

Of course, we know others better than they know themselves.  We know what’s best for them.  Right?  What would you place that misguided belief under?  Arrogance?  Manipulation?

It's hard to think of ourselves as arrogant, but every time we think we know better than someone else (about what they need) – that is arrogance!  If we know what WE need – we need Reiki, we need self-care – THAT is wisdom.  Knowing what others need is arrogance.  Be clear on the difference and the rest will follow.

When you send Reiki without permission you are invading someone else’s space, I call it energy rape.  Anything you do without someone’s permission is rape.  Don’t do it, its not nice.

And please don’t use the excuse of ‘I asked their higher self’, please spare me!  Like the rapist saying ‘she was wearing a short skirt, she was asking for it’  Get conscious, proper, verbal/written permission.

The ONLY time it is OK, and this is my own personal ethics (you need to see if this works for you), is when the conscious self is unconscious and there is no way to ask permission.  In the case of coma of some other emergency situation when the person is unconscious.  Then in some situations I will send Reiki to ‘their highest good’.  But stay mindful, stay aware, and always be checking the arrogance at the door 😉


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