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Reiki Sending Wording: The Universe is 100% Literal

This is the first in a few explorations of how we word our Reiki sending labels.  The Universe is 100% literal, it does not understand sarcasm, intonation, negatives or hints.  You will get what you ask for, so taking care to craft your label is always a wise idea.

“Releasing my fear of….”

I often tell the story of my friend who decided to send to ‘releasing my fear of poverty’.  When she described her label to me I couldn’t help giggling, I knew exactly what was coming.  Sure enough, the moment she sent to this request her clients stopped calling, no money came in, and she was forced into poverty.  For several months she was thrown into complete panic and called me several times a week asking how on earth she could ‘reverse’ the request.  I kept giggling (I’m mean like that), but lovingly told her to trust the Reiki, and trust herself.  After about 2 months she called me in amazement “I haven’t had one single client for two months, yet somehow I am managing, I even paid my mortgage on time, how on earth is this happening?”  The very next day, having released her fears, her clients started calling again and it shifted her into an entirely new paradigm.

For her, it was a perfect outcome, and she often needs these lessons to come at her with great drama in order to understand and accept them.  For others, we may feel more comfortable to release our fears more gently.  The times I have used this forthright phrase has been when I have absolutely had enough and I am ready for whatever consequences…however it does frequently leave me ‘releasing’ in more ways than one!

‘The root cause of…”

We may choose to explore first ‘the root cause of my fear of poverty’ – this will give us insights, maybe uncover some of our deep seated fears, but will unlikely send us into poverty itself.  This process of uncovering root cause is something I also recommend when dealing with chronic health conditions, where you feel there is an iceberg lurking under your symptoms but you have no idea as to the reasons why. eg. ‘The root cause of my arthritis” or “The root cause of my allergy to cats”.  Sending to root cause can also often uncover specific incidents/ memories that have created the problem.  Be aware and open when you send in case you have any ‘flashbacks’ and also be present and open for the days that follow, the messages can come in many different ways including dreams, encounters and conversations with others, or signs that you see as important.  There is nothing ‘other worldly’ about this phenomenon; once you send Reiki to something, you are highlighting to your sub-conscious (your intuition) that you are ready to explore, and so your intuition will highlight your causes to you in whichever form is most relevant to you.

“The perfect resolution of my relationship with…”

For an even gentler exploration, we may choose to send to ‘our perfect resolution with my relationship with money’.  The phrase ‘perfect resolution with my relationship with…’ may seem like a mouthful but is a very well crafted phrase which allows you to gently and naturally unfold whatever process is happening for you.  Don’t feel you need to ‘resolve’ anything in particular and don’t feel there needs to be a resolution in order to send to something.  It is rather a way for you to tell your sub-conscious that you are ready to look at this issue.  The wording helps it to unfold in a manner that is most appropriate for you.


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