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Jee Yin Ling


+65 97953408

Being highly sensitive to energy and empathic, Yin Ling has been drawn to holistic healing at an early age, in particularly, healing work for seniors and caregivers.
She started practicing Reiki in 2016 and it unfolded a journey of self-empowerment ; and affirmed her belief that we all have the capacity to fulfil our potential and live a happy life, even as we age.
She is passionate about sharing this self-healing technique with others; re-connecting them with their inner resources to heal and balance all aspects of their lives.
Yin Ling also holds a Master of Gerontology and a Diploma in Holistic Counselling.

For personal one-to-one healing please connect directly via email or Whatsapp

Jee Yin Ling
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