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PRE-REQUISITE:  Reiki 2 students with more than Six months practice (your Reiki 2 must be from a Reiki Centre trained teacher).

Completion of homework below before your Reiki 3 class begins.

White Flowers

Course Flow

1. Part 1 Theory, Self-study Online 3hrs 

  • Cultivating personal mastery​

  • The essence & qualities of Reiki

  • The Masters symbols

  • Lineage

  • Ethics and explaining attunements


2. First In-person Sessions 

  • Receive the Reiki 3 attunement to activate the Master symbol 

  • Learn how to draw the Master symbol

  • Practice sending with the Master symbol 

  • Learn the Heart attunement and practice

  • Learn the traditional Heart attunement

  • Learn how to self-attune

  • Deeper discussion on the self-study videos

  • Q & A


3. Part 2 Theory, Self-study Online 1.5hrs 

  • Reiki 3 Healing techniques

  • Why give attunements to others

  • Other variations of attunements

  • Honing intention

  • Stepping into the Absolute


4.   Second In-person Session

  • General discussion of the learning 

  • Practice the Minor Chakra attunements

  • Practice group attunements

  • Q & A

  • Receive your Certificate! 

To prepare for this workshop it is very important that your Reiki 2 techniques are honed and practiced in the run up to the workshop, the following are recommendations for you to follow: 

1. Please practice the drawing in the air of the three symbols and saying the name of each symbol as you draw it. By the time you come to the workshop you must know them inside out and be able to draw them effortlessly. 

2. Start sending to several people at the same time (up to four) if you have not already done so.  This will enable you to deal with higher energies. 

3. Do more healing for others, especially the one hour treatments so that you get used to practicing Reiki on others, and getting feedback. If you have no willing volunteers at home try to set up a one hour online healing with someone using their photo or on zoom/skype – to practice the one hour timescale.


4. You need to be sending to labels.The minimum three sends you must have done is: 

  • “To the perfect resolution of my relationship with my mother” 

  • “To the perfect resolution of my relationship with my father” 

  • “To the root cause of an addiction/fear/illness/trauma” 


Many people have bad relationships with one or both parent and will fear this, or they will fear working on a deep issue they have been holding on to. If you cannot face your personal issues, how will you face transformation?  All these issues you fear will come flying up once you begin to use the Master symbol – it is important that you feel ready to tackle them. 

Students from other teachers (Lineage Usui/Hayashi/Takata)

The pre-requisite for Reiki 3 is Reiki 2 from a Reiki Centre trained teacher. This is to ensure the symbols are already aligned and the techniques and tools are the same. Reiki 2 is taught with a huge range of tools and many differences. You must have also been practicing your Reiki 2 tools for a minimum of 6 months and completed the homework.


If you are switching from a different system of Reiki, or have been trained in a lineage that is not Usui/Hayashi/Takata please note you need to begin at Level 1.

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