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This is an ebook for download in PDF format.


The journey inwards.  An advanced Reiki book to guide you deeply into your inner truth.


This book is a dive into the spiritual aspects of Reiki as ‘universal life force’.  It is written for Reiki teachers and students who intuit that it is something much deeper than mere hands on healing: Reiki holds the key to understanding your true nature.


Mikao Usui was a spiritual pioneer, he called Reiki the secret path to happiness.  This secret path is an inner discovery we have to make for ourselves with the tools he so helpfully left us.  Travel with Elaine as she unlocks the tools and describes each stage of the journey with tips and insightful stories.


This is a return home through the beautiful process of your Reiki practice.   Bringing more mindfulness and intention, using your symbols more deliberately, and seeing the attunement process as a doorway to discover your freedom.  You may not have used your tools like this before, and it will open you up to entirely new depth and exciting self-discovery.

Reiki - A Path to Freedom (GVR)

  • Chapter 1: Universal Life Force

    With Reiki we are dealing with both relative and absolute reality. The paradox is that these viewpoints co-exist and yet we cannot always see them both at the same time.

    Chapter 2: A Finger Pointing to the Moon

    Let's examine the rules and regulations surrounding your Reiki practice to see if they are serving you correctly for you. Inner truth is not conditioned by rules.

    Chapter 3: Understanding the Reiki Symbols

    The symbols are like gateways to information. They allow us to fully resonate with the yang/yin qualities of power and harmony, and they allow us to make a deeper connection with what we want in life.

    Chapter 4: Reiki Attunements for Personal Growth

    What an attunement is, and how we can utilise this transformative initiation to gain a direct experience of absolute reality. I regularly attune myself, I do not reserve this ritual purely for the benefit of other people.

    Chapter 5: Reiki as a Spiritual Practice

    Through Reiki practice, we come into intimate contact with our inner vitality. Uncovering and exploring this light is our spiritual journey.

    Chapter 6: Turning Attention Inwards

    Once you fully inhabit your body, you can more easily discern your inner truth and are much less likely to be influenced or swept away by others’ needs, wants, or demands.

    Chapter 7: Deconditioning the Mind

    We discuss the spiritual stage of coming into balance with your life and not fighting against what is.  At this stage we begin to see our inner light and cultivate it by orienting ourselves towards our values and priorities.

    Chapter 8: Minding the Gap

    This is a paradigm shift in our spiritual development, the period when we see that “me” and “Reiki” are actually one and the same source.

    Chapter 9: Living Life’s Purpose

    At this stage, Reiki students typically find they have passion and creative enthusiasm that brings abundance and joy. When we work with Life's impulse correctly, amazing things begin to happen.

    Chapter 10: In the End

    Freedom comes to us when we fully align with what life is giving us, living life on purpose and willingly. I also provide a prelude of tips and next steps for your own Reiki practice. Simple additions to add to your daily routine that will give new depth and clarity to your journey.

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