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Reiki may seem a strange thing to offer to businesses and employees but the Reiki Centre Survey points to the great results people have with Reiki in combating stress. Reiki paired with mindfulness, simple relaxation tips and meditation can help you transform your organisation.

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Not sure what may work in your workplace? Contact Elaine for an informal chat and brainstorm, we can even put together a quick survey for you to get more insights!

Reiki for Business

Elaine works with organisations to provide wellness programs centred around greater calm, less stress, and more focus and self-awareness.



  • Mini-workshops on relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation

  • Drop-in Guided meditation either face to face or online

  • Class series over several weeks to build skills for inner wellbeing

  • Reiki classes and drop-in healing at work

  • Yoga and mindfulness

  • Corporate retreats


According to the Global Reiki Survey carried out in 2020:

  • 85% of Reiki respondents experienced less stress

  • 80% suffered less colds/flu

  • 68% reported less days off sick from work

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