Deepen your Reiki journey with this fascinating dive unlocking the tools of Reiki. Learn how to empower, harmonise and send using Reiki symbols. For Reiki 1 students with more than Two months practice.  Our Reiki classes comprise of online theory and in-person classes facilitated by hosted by Elaine G Hamilton.

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Course Flow

1. Part 1 Theory, Self-study Online 2hrs 

  • Introduction to symbols and using symbols

  • The Empowerment symbol, personality, uses, grounding

  • Boosting your Chakra treatment

  • The Harmony symbol, protection, intuition, communication

  • Stress and balance treatment


2. First In-person Session, 3 hrs 

  • Receive the Reiki 2 attunement to activate the symbols 

  • Learn how to draw all three Reiki symbols

  • Practice the Chakra balancing treatment 

  • Practice the Stress and balance treatment 

  • Learn the turbo self-treatment

  • Deeper discussion on the tools

  • Q & A


3. Part 2 Theory, Self-study Online 3hrs 

  • The communication symbol for sending Reiki

  • The art of sending and variations

  • Sending to others, tips and cautions

  • Sending to labels, events, issues, past and future

  • Sending to affirmations


4.   Second In-person Session, 3hrs

  • General discussion of the learning 

  • Practice the sending to others

  • Crafting labels, wording, expectations

  • Practice sending to an issue, past event and affirmation

  • Q & A

5. Ongoing Support

  • Email support with Elaine G Hamilton

  • Access to any updates, new resources

  • FB dedicated Reiki 2 community

  • Monthly zoom gathering and practice

Reiki 2 for many is the true beginning of their Reiki journey. You unlock the infinite uses of the symbols and find ways to actively partner with Universal life force. This course is for those with a deep resonance with Reiki and a desire to learn more, grow more and co-create more with the Universe.


Our Reiki 2 courses comprise of comprehensive videos/reading material and two practical face to face sessions. Reiki 2 has so many techniques and tools that having it online at your fingertips to revisit is a real bonus.

This is a Reiki Level 2 Certification course.


Online theory videos/reading materials:

  • Hosted by Elaine G Hamilton

  • Videos and "how to" toolkit, packed with content

  • Take your time to absorb and learn at your own pace and time

  • Easy to find material, revise specific techniques easily, go back and revisit anytime, always available for you.


In-person sessions:

  • Receive the Reiki 2 attunement 

  • Learn the symbols

  • Gain hands on experience

  • Plenty of practice of tools

  • Lots of time for questions.

Book a class!

Tel: 07365 375870

Class fees: £255


Students from other teachers (Lineage Usui/Hayashi/Takata)

Sometimes switching teachers can create a few extra hurdles as Reiki teachers have different styles and also teach different techniques and philosophies.  


To help prepare you for the class we recommend you download Reiki, Pure and Simple  which outlines many of the Reiki 1 techniques as well as the theory we teach in class.

We have noticed a big difference in terms of less confusion and much better understanding of the level 2 techniques when they are familiar with the way we teach and the general background we have already covered at Level 1.


If you are switching from a different system of Reiki, or have been trained in a lineage that is not Usui/Hayashi/Takata please note you need to begin at Level 1.