Going on Retreat gives you precious time away to reflect, recalibrate and renew.  Combined with guidance, space and Reiki practice you can find deep insight and growth.  Let Reiki guide you inwards.

What's included?

The Residential Container:

Retreats are best done over several days and are offered over 3 and 5 day programs.  Staying with your group in a beautiful location with delicious food is part of the fun!

Self-care and Yoga:

To complement your Reiki practice we always offer optional morning yoga and an evening restorative program.

Reiki Level:

These retreats are designed for Reiki Level 2 and above.  Whatever level you are at and whether your practice is regular or sporadic, take the time to take your practice to the next level.

Please contact Elaine for more details

Deepening our Reiki Practice

A profound opportunity to practice Reiki within a sacred container, Retreats promise to deepen your relationship with Reiki as well as ground you in your inner silence and truth. 

Retreats are experiential with minimal lecture time.  Guided sessions help you explore your Reiki via exercises, Reiki treatments, sending, reflection and most powerfully - group work.


  • Explore Reiki as a vehicle for coming into your body through a variety of guided Reiki sessions and introspection 

  • Become more mindful of the inner wisdom and expansiveness within 

  • Take your self-treatment to a whole new level



  • Harness the Reiki symbols to help navigate your life path

  • Understand how to engage in a Reiki send more effectively 

  • Work with affirmations and intuition

  • Experience group sending for powerful transformation



  • Step into your full universal power through the attunement

  • Create a sacred space for the merging of your will with universal will. 

  • Deepen your experience of your inner impulse

  • Experiment with life purpose and its unique expression in you

The power of Retreat is the space you create by dedicating time to your growth which is amplified by the group intention.  We expand our individual efforts via group energy to create a supportive and transformative container for our own truth to emerge.