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This Diploma is a 500 hour course of study. It is for Reiki Teachers looking to deepen their skill set, and those dedicated to presenting the highest quality standards for their students.


Reiki Teachers from other lineages looking to further their education may undergo the Diploma studies based on the Master training they have already received, Elaine will work with you to ensure a comparable 500 hours is achieved whilst honouring your original lineage.

Each module may be taken as a stand alone training. Students may enroll on the Diploma program at any point after their Reiki Master Teacher Certificate training. However, the maximum time taken for all modules is five years to ensure the training is relevant and retained.


Modules 1 to 3 are stand alone modules and individually costed, please see the relevant pages.

Module 4 depends on the options chosen. Elaine’s fees for personal coaching are £60 per hour session, Webinars are individually priced.


Module 5 Assessment costs £240 per Reiki workshops.


If you are interested in finding out more, please Contact Elaine

Diploma Modules

Module 1 – Reiki 3

Module 2 – Reiki Master Teacher Certificate


Module 3 – Diving Deeper into Mastership

Module 4 – Mentoring and Webinars
A mixture of mentoring with Elaine, and/or Webinars.  A minimum of 12 sessions

Module 5 – Assessment
Four audio/video recordings of live classes to be assessed

Module 6 – Research
10 Reiki and related books read and reviewed


Module 7 – Self-Treatment
100 hours of self-Reiki and a written essay refection