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Why do some people get better results with Reiki than others?

With Reiki, the idea is that once you begin to ‘fill yourself up’ with Reiki energy you begin to naturally balance yourself – and in this way you will begin to heal those parts of yourself that require healing – this is naturally different for each person as we all have unique imbalances and life experiences.

Your self-healing abilities are potentially the same as anyone else’s – the only difference in results is the discipline of your self-treatment, and also your openness/ripeness for change!  For example, if you have very poor eating habits and you apply Reiki, this will help you in some respects, but obviously if you are not open to changing your habits, Reiki is not like a miracle cure!  You also need to take action to change as you get clearer on what you are doing that is not healthy or wise, but in my experience this happens naturally and gently and when it is needed – so Reiki is always supporting you through your growth, but some people are quicker to take the hint.

Sometimes the results come very quickly; some Reiki case studies are, frankly, miraculous! But I do believe that this is more a reflection of the miraculous letting go of the person concerned, and not the Reiki itself. For example, I have had many students who come to Reiki with terrible migraines – some notice no difference, some notice their symptoms literally disappear overnight! After decades of debilitating pain, this is a total miracle! But how this happens and why it happens is really a mystery, as it does not happen to everyone who suffers from migraines – so why for some, and not others? My theory may be difficult to hear for some of you who are still struggling with things that you feel ‘should’ have changed but haven’t – maybe you are looking at your class mates and comparing their results with yours, and wondering what you are doing wrong? Or maybe you are disappointed that Reiki is not healing you fast enough for your liking.

In my experience, everything shifts when you are ready, so just relax! And then watch how your mind HATES it. And there is the resistance, right there. The resistance to whatever it is you are holding on to; actually makes you hold on even tighter. You cannot let go of anything you are actively resisting, isn’t that a funny conundrum? I don’t want the migraine/pain/cancer/diabetes/depression/fear/anger so I push against it, I resist it, I think about it all the time, push push, resist resist. The more energy you put towards something, the more energy it gives you back – simple physics, simple law of Attraction.

If you want to let something go, you actually need to loosen your grip, open your hands, allow it to exist within you, stop fighting. Allow, breath, allow. And that is the power of Reiki, it may seem like a powerhouse of energy and miraculous healing stories for some – but it is a very small percentage of people who experience this. Most of us experience Reiki as a gentle unfolding of our inner peace, and inner acceptance of the way things are. And within that acceptance, and calmness, things begin to release and let go. Reiki supports us in relaxing, but the actual opening of our hands, the releasing – that is 100% on us. So if you are wondering why your results are not as good as someone else’s, start with looking at your clutched and ridged hand, and then go gently from there.


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