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Why did I start to cry when I gave someone Reiki?

When we give Reiki to others, we are taught that it is a channeling effect, and that Reiki is a one-way process – from us to the other.  In this way we do not need to protect ourselves, and we do not need to worry about there energy affecting us.  But as many people notice, Reiki treatments DO affect us, and sometimes in startling, or uncomfortable ways.

Firstly it is important to understand the Reiki is not doing this; it is simply the interaction between two peoples’ energy fields.  At level 1 this is mainly your friends and family, so you can choose to give or not give, depending on your own feeling for how strong you are feeling – see this video for an explanation of how human energy fields influence each other: Energy Interactions with Others (The stickmen)

Are you doing enough self-Reiki?

If you are not doing enough self-Reiki another person’s energy can be quite overwhelming, especially if they are giving off a lot of negative emotions – big enough to influence you, and affect you, and make you feel like crying!  It is also equally possible that the Reiki is not only moving into them, but also into you, and so your crying is your crying – you are releasing your own stuff while trying to give them a Reiki treatment – this is both disconcerting for them, and also confusing for you – so the big tip here is to make sure you have worked on your own stuff FIRST before working on other people.  Reiki is self-healing first and foremost.

Are you thinking draining thoughts?

If you feel your energy is strong – you are giving yourself as much Reiki as you are giving others, then the second thing to take note of is what you are thinking during these Reiki healing sessions.  Many people are taught to be the ‘healer’ during these sessions – ie to get involved.  At the Reiki Centre we categorically tell our students NOT to get involved, as this is a sure way to drain yourself, or to open yourself up to empathic absorption.  Remember that whatever you are thinking during these sessions is exactly what you are giving – and every time you wish for their healing, their recovery, for them to feel the Reiki, for them to benefit from the session – you are expending and using your own energy – so watch your thoughts carefully!  There is no need to embellish Universal Energy, it can take care of itself, and so can the person receiving the energy!

Or are you simply reflecting?

If you are doing lots of self-Reiki, and you are clear and thoughtless during your Reiki treatments, the third reason this may happen to you is simply as a reflection of the other person’s release.  They may not cry themselves, but you feel the energy pass through your hands.  This is a pure reflection of their process and nothing to be concerned about – as you move your hands, it disappears, as the reflection goes.  In this way many practitioners become so clear that all emotional releases are felt in this way, it may also be that you feel anger, fear, despair, or grief pass through your system as well.  Its an interesting phenomenon to observe, but there is no need to attach any meaning or reason behind it, it is a release, as if they are sighing a deep sigh, and there is a quality to it that feels like ‘theirs’ and not ‘yours’.


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